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What is Nouchaline?

Nou-cha-line / pronounced: Noo- SHa- leen

Once upon a time, a little girl was born. Her parents had no idea what to name here. Her father wanted to be creative and came up with a hybrid name of his mother (Berganouch, a weird Armenian name) and a cute French name (Aline). And thus the name Nouchaline was born.

I  started this blog back in 2009 (then called Alien's Labyrinth) because I wanted to have a place to share my love and views of fashion. I later changed the name to Nouchaline, because I thought it had a better ring to it... and also I was a bit sick of spelling out Labyrinth for some people.

Who is Nouchaline?

I'm just a chill young lady who loves to travel and has a slight shopping addiction. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to get to know me a little bit better :)

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