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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Zaful Review: My Experience

A while back I shared a post about my Zaful wishlist on my blog, and I mentioned that I will be trying out the website and getting back to you guys with my experience. For some reason, it has taken me a while to sit down and write this up. For those of you who don't know what Zaful is, let me introduce you, it's a Chinese online store that sells clothes, accessories, shoes, and some beauty bits. I had seen a couple of videos about it on YouTube and the reviews were mixed, but I really wanted to try it out, especially since the prices are really low and they had a "plus size" section. After I shared my wishlist, I placed my order. Here's what I ended up getting: 

Three Quarter Sleeve Dress - 2XL $23.49
I was most excited about this dress from the two clothing items I ordered, unfortunately I ended up getting a top instead of a dress... I don't know if this was a mix-up in the order or if I'm just so big that a dress before a top (although I'm pretttyyyy sure it's not the later). Either way, I kinda like the top and I shall wear it soon. The material is a bit cheap, but it will do for a fun summer evening top.
stars: 3/5

The one on the right

Leaf Print Flare Sleeve Shoulder Dress - XL $16.99
I noticed after ordering that the XL for this dress meant it's a US 8 (which universally is NOT considered an XL, but I guess it is in China), so yeah my bad. It didn't fit, but it's a cute dress. I ended up giving it to my friend Shahine (she's an 8 US) and she loved it!
stars: 2.5/5

Cat Shape Solid Color Bag - Black $31.99 
I have a thing for cat bags so I couldn't help but purchase this, it's just so cute! I like that it's subtle design so the cat is not all up in your face. In terms of quality, it's pretty legit. I was definitely not disappointed with what I got. I've been using this bag almost everyday this summer because it's not too small and not too big, everything fits perfectly inside.
stars: 4.5/5

Triangle Insert Cat Eye Sunglasses - Deep Purple $6.99
I had been wanting a pair of dramatic cat-eye sunglasses for a while, but I didn't want to pay a lot of money for one because I knew I'd get over the style quickly or I'd lose it. When I saw these on the site, I knew I just had to have them. They're very cute on, but they're a fit flimsy and easy to bend around. Either way, they've become my back-up sunglasses for the summer. Ps. They're the glasses are not purple in any way, more of a faded grey/black.
stars: 4/5

Cosmetic Organizer Jewelry Box $37.99
This was probably the best purchase from the site. The organizer is exactly like the picture, and although I have yet to get arranging, I can't wait to organize my makeup with it! I have to say though that it's definitely on the pricy side, with all the other products on the website considered. Zaful kindly sent this particular product to me as a gift.
stars: 4/5

-The website is easy to navigate. 
-There's a lot of variety on offer, it's not just clothing. 
-Very affordable pricing. 
-I did not have to pay any customs fees once it was delivered (via LibanPost).
-You can track your shipping.
-You receive points when shopping which give you discounts later on. 

-Shipping took some time. 
-What you see is not what you get with all the items, it's a bit hit or miss. 
-Sizing is a bit off, you need to triple check the size chart. 
-Customer service is a bit iffy. I had an inquiry about my order so I emailed Zaful, although they did respond, the messages were not very clear. Communication was not very easy. 

My thoughts on the website, would I order again?

Honestly, I think I would, but I'm not as excited with this website as I was with ASOS. The handbag that I got is VERY cute and I've been using it almost everyday since I got it, I also like the sunglasses, and the makeup organizer. As for the top and the dress, the top (aka dress) fits and I have an outfit in mind but I have yet to wear it. The dress is too small for me, but Shahine says it fits perfectly on her.

If you want to try out the website, I think you should go for it, but just know what you're ordering. Don't have very high expectations, and be selective with your order. It's not going to look exactly like as on the website. Size up when ordering clothes, especially if it's a piece on the fitted side. 

Rating: 3/5

Have you tried Zaful before? What are your thoughts? 

Any other website I should try?

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review. I paid for the first four items with my money in order to get a fair feel of the Zaful experience, the last item was sent to me after my initial order. 

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  1. Hey Aline!
    Zaful mentions that the customer is responsible for any additional taxes/custom fees the country might impose. I already know you mentioned that you werent charged for any custom fees. But is this the general rule for lebanon or is it that it was that way with you? Because when it comes to ali express some of my friends had to pay 100$ to get their stuff from libanpost while others weren't charged anything. Thanks!

    1. Based on my online shopping experience, I've never had to pay customs for packages delivered by Liban Post, whereas every single Aramex delivery has tariffs and customs and whatnot (i've paid up to 80,000 LL per package, depends on the weight and content).

  2. Hi Aline! Are all items from Zaful shipped via Liban Post? As in, is that the default? Worried about shipping a few things and twice as much with custom fees!
    Thank you!

    1. My package was! I havent ordered again to have something to compare to :(


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