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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Valentine's Day Nails + GIVEAWAY!

It's been a hot minute since I last published a nail art tutorial on the blog, but today I'm coming at with you a Valentine's Day look. Now, I'm not one to get into Valentine's Day as it really doesn't mean much to me. But I like random "holidays" and doing a nail look for the occasion, whether I celebrate said holiday or not. This year, things are a bit more exciting than usual because I've partnered up with Feel22 for this nail art look. The bundle of colors used in this tutorial are currently on sale at a special price, $32.4 instead of $36, AND on top of that, if you use my code NouchalineFeel22 you get an extra 10% off bringing the price to $29.16. One more AND and I'll let you go on with your day, promise: I'm giving a bundle away on my Instagram page!
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What's in the bundle?

Essie "Blanc", a gorgeous opaque white.
Essie "Licorice", my all time FAVORITE black nail polish. This is like my third bottle FYI.
Essie "Aperitif", a classic red. Can't go wrong with one of those!


I first applied Lexy's Ridge Filler Smoothing base to prep the nails, 
then went in with two coats of Essie's Blanc (one coat will do for smaller nails but I wanted a super opaque even base). 
Because I'm an impatient child, I then applied seche vite in order to begin the design. 
Then using a toothpick, I applied Essie's Licorice as little polka dots across my nail. Start off with a line that goes across and then make parallel lines in order to make life easier. 
I left a little space on the bottom right corner in order to draw in the heart. 
For the heart, I used Essie's Aperitif and made to dots on top then a little "V" and filled in the rest, all by using a toothpick. You can use a small dotting tool if you please, but toothpicks work just as well for this nail art look. 
I then had to wait patiently for the design to dry, I watched a vlog in the mean time, and then applied seche vite top coat!

Disclaimer: I was sent these nail polishes by Feel22, and they've kindly sponsored the giveaway :)

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