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Friday, December 2, 2016

The Girl with the Green Hair

I've been dreaming about crazy colored hair for a while, particularly a long teal or green ombre look. Every time that I'd see a picture of a girl with such hair on Pinterest or Instagram my heart would do some weird things in my chest. With that said, I am someone who is too terrified to dye her hair, even if it's a normal "natural" color, the thought of bleaching and having crazy chemicals applied to my hair terrifies the bejesus out of me. I have very fine hair and on top of that, not many follicles live on top of my head and I have no intention of evicting any of them... which is how I came to venture into the world of "faking it".  Over the years I've tried many things to get the hair which I feel like I should have (long and purrttyy) from tap-in to clip-on extensions, I've tried it all except for playing around with weaves. In my latest quest for long and purttyyy hair, I somehow ended up with that long teal ombre which I'd been craving. I've had this hair for over a week now and I love it more and more as each day goes by (I imagine this is how love-struck people in relationships feel or how mothers feel about their babies). I've had long hair before, but none of my previous hairstyles have made people do a double-take as I walk past them. I'm getting used to the stares but I've surprisingly found it difficult to get dressed in the morning. As someone who has a wardrobe filled with black clothing, I thought that I'd be fine, but apparently the things that I reach for on a day-to-day basis are colorful and "clash" with my hair. This is something that I've never had to deal with as a brunette, it's an odd feeling but I'm adapting. I've also found myself making slight adjustments to my makeup routine, opting for softer lip shades instead of my signature "crazy" purple shades. With these slight "inconveniences" aside, I have no complaints about the hair, I love it very much and it has even inspired me to try other new colors in the future. 

I picked up this white "pj-inspired" blouse a couple of weeks back from Dorothy Perkins, I really loved it when I tried it on in the dressing room but I was scared I wouldn't be able to style it properly. When in doubt, I always end up wearing black jeans with platform boots, and this time was no exception. I like the final look though. Especially with the black jacket, which is the second jacket from the Leather Jacket Story, it sort of reminds me of what the brothers of the Night's Watch wear on Game of Thrones...but like if the night's watch lived in the 21st century and shopped at Forever21. You know what I mean?

Attempting that "fashion blogger-jacket-as-a-cape-" pose and failing...

Blouse: Dorothy Perkins | Jeans and Jacket: Forever 21 | Shoes: H&M | Handbag: Vintage | Bag charm: I am Accessories | Sunglasses: Primark | Choker: Ants Hamra 

Ps. Miriam's pink hair was a big inspiration to finally just go for it. If you've been wanting to change up your look, my advice is to just do it!

PPs. Thank you Sandrine for the photos!

PPPs. My hair matches my logo now ^_^

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  1. Aline your hair is stunning! I've always been scared of dyeing my hair too (and I still won't dye my hair :P). You're so brave for going for it and it really did turn out lovely! <3

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