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Monday, December 19, 2016

My "Healthy" Christmas Game Plan #20to25Challenge

I don't know how things changed between November and December, but suddenly the weather became freezing and chocolate began to pop up at every corner. Temptation, temptation. This time around I gave in to temptation and was not able to say no every time. I feel horrible about it honestly. I fell off the wagon last week, but it's Monday today and you know how diets start on Mondays... It's going to be very tough because literally every social activity for the next two weeks will involve food (the unhealthy kind) and alcohol. My friends from all over the world are coming to visit and I cannot wait to see their faces which I've seriously missed. I don't want to feel like I'm missing out by saying no to things while they're here, but at the same time I want to move forward and not take any steps back with my progress. They're going to end up leaving me again (those bastards) but I'll remain behind with the negative consequences of going off-track. I've decided to make a schedule of the major outings so that I can plan my workouts and cheat meals for the week. Things will probably pop up here and there, but I'd rather have some form of game plan to lean on than being an unhealthy headless chicken. I've accepted the fact that I will not meet the goal which I had set for myself back in July, although I'm very proud of my accomplishment... I'm just going to be realistic about it, I will be losing that amount but it will take a bit more time. Anyway, here's the game plan for the festive season:

Schedule cheat meals: If I know I'm going to cheat Friday night, I'll up the amp during my Friday workout, park far away to get in more steps on the fitbit and avoid naughty chocolate temptations. 

Morning workouts are back: It's getting hard to wake up to go to the gym in the mornings because it's cold, but I have no other choice. I will have things to do after work so gym in the morning it is!

Light lunches at work: I'm going to stick to the lightest lunch options at work and eat not a single bite more than my allocated portion. 

Look at menus beforehand: This is such a simple tip but it really goes a long way. Instead of picking something to eat while starving at a restaurant (everything sounds so good on the menu, especially the unhealthy stuff), I will look at menus before hand and decide on what I want before I get there. This way, once I'm there I don't need to look at the menu and be tempted. 

Dancing as much as possible: I will drag my friends to the club to dance as much as possible while they're here. Not because I'm such a party-person, but I really do like to get down and dance. Burning calories while having fun, awwwyeaahhh. 

My lovely nutritionist Mira Tueny actually wrote a guide to healthy cheating during Christmas for, it's helpful and insightful. I keep reading it over and over again so that it becomes engrained in my head!

Ps. I'd really appreciate it if my secret santa would stop getting me yummy chocolates. I love chocolate but duuude :P

PPS. do we like my Christmas sweater? I picked up Rudolf from Pull & Bear.

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  1. Lol I had similar experience with my secret santa!!!

    Probably gained a few kilos in a week time.

    Good job though on scheduling your cheat meals.

    You're doing great keep it up :D :D

    L, xo.

    wLe Journal de Leen


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