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Monday, December 5, 2016

My Christmas/Birthday Wishlist 2016!

I've been making Christmas/Birthday wish-lists on my blog for a while, I rarely get the things mentioned on the list but I just like documenting what my brain decides it wants every year and then looking back and laughing at said list (I wanted an iPad in 2011, lol). As I've mentioned before, I combine my Christmas and Birthday wish-lists because they're only two weeks apart. This year the list is a combination of things that can feasibly be attained and some random bits that I'm pretty sure won't happen, let's just get cracking shall we?

1) An army inspired coat or jacket: this trend has gotten to me and I would like to jump on the bandwagon please. I saw a cute jacket/button down at Zara that I ALMOST bought... maybe I'll go back and get it as a treat for myself.

2) A proper gym bag: I currently use an Aldo gym bag which I bought around 5 years ago for charity (this one) as my main gym bag, it's a very light material and I stuff it to the max but I can't fit my shoes inside. Every time I go to the gym in the morning, I end up carrying 2 or 3 bags to carry everything I need to get ready post-gym. I want a proper adult gym bag to fit everything inside!

3) Sleepover weekend for my birthday: I've been trying to make this happen for like 3 years, I don't know if it's going to happen this year but I really want a weekend getaway with friends for my birthday. Cozy fireplace, wine, cheese, board games... you know what I mean!

4) My Kat Von D 'Metal Matte' Palette: I technically already bought this for myself as a Christmas/Birthday gift last month, I might have mentioned it on Snapchat. It's currently waiting for me in Los Angeles at my cousin's house, hopefully I will get my hands on it soon. It's just SO BEAUTIFUL! I haven't felt like this about a palette since the Lorac Pro 2...possibly even the Naked 1.

5) Harry Potter coloring book: Yes, this goes on the list again because I still want one. A certain someone claimed to have ordered it for me, but I did not receive it yet so it's going on the list again.

[image source: SunsetDeAmore]

6) World Map ring from Riwaya: ever since I saw Salma from Sunset De Amore sporting this ring in an Instagram post, I knew I had to have it in my life. You can read all about the brand right here.

7) Bike riding classes: I would like to learn how to ride a motorcycle. Now, before my mom (who is reading this) has a heart attack, I'd like to clarify that it's just something I want to learn to do. You never know maybe it will come in handy...

8) Balenciaga B Eau de Parfum: I got a deluxe sample of this perfume with my Sephora order in June and I've been obsessed ever since. I still have a couple of wears in the sample bottle, but it is running low. I really do not know how to describe the scent but it's my new signature scent.

9) Cozy slippers: The cuter the better. Pandas, cats, dogs or reindeers are all welcome ^_^

[ image source: thinkgeek]

What's on your Christmas wish-list??

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  1. Aline, I also fell in love with Riwaya's travel jewelry collection! I actually spotted the gold compass ring and the one you posted too! <3 Cozy slippers are also welcome. I never seem to find the perfect pair!

  2. I hope you get all of them and MORE :)


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