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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Best Fitness Apps #20to25Challenge

Yes, I still use a Walkman and I love it!

I'm the sort of person who likes to log things in, just in case you haven't noticed with the whole blogging thing. It helps me keep track of things. I still use Swarm and Foursquare and check-in at locations, not to brag or anything like that, but I like being able to look back to see where I was. As much as I'm not a math person, I love seeing the numbers and comparing progress. Which is why fitness apps currently play an important role in this weight-loss journey of mine. I've been asked how I stay motivated, and honestly, these apps have really helped me out. Even during the times when I know I'm screwing up, I make it a point to log in my food intake in my food journal (Myfitnesspal) so that I can have a visual. I'm accountable for that unhealthy snack in between my healthy breakfast and lunch, I'm accountable for skipping a workout, etc. My favorite app has to be Fitbit, which is basically an app that's connected to my Fitbit device that tracks my steps and activity. I downloaded this app over a year ago and used the mobile track to log in my steps. While I was in the states last, I finally picked up an actual Fitbit device and I LOVE it. It sort of makes you obsessed with getting you off your butt. It encourages you to park far and walk, to keep getting up to get water every hour while at the office. The layout of the app is beautiful, and you can compete with friends to see who can log more steps during a challenge. I have a friend (hii Wadih) who logs in around 90K to 100K steps a week an he's ALWAYS in the top position on my leaderboard, my goal was to one day kick him out of first place. I achieved this goal last week, well, sort of. He was having a lazy week and I was having an energetic week so I took full advantage. I know it may seem silly, but moving your butt and walking a couple of more steps every day does really help out. Not just with losing weight, but it lifts up my morale and makes me feel better. 

Fitbit tracks your steps, allows you to log in your exercise, water intake, and food consumption. The device also tracks your sleep cycle and activity levels. You can set up challenges with your friends to see who can log more steps in a day, a week, or during the weekend. You can also set up alarms and the device vibrates. Unfortunately, the model I have (Charge) is not waterproof so I can't go swimming with it. 

This is basically a food journal which allows you to log in your food intake. The cool thing about it is that most foods have nutrition facts so you can see the number of calories, fat, protein, sugar, carbs, etc in food. You can scan the barcode of packaged foods as well, which is tres cool. When I eat foods that aren't in the database, I can add it to the database, or I will log in a food that is similar and sort of eye the calories. Now that last bit isn't very accurate, but the point is to include that I ate X, Y, Z, the exact calories aren't THAT important. 

This is a recent download for me. I've used it three times in the past week, which is really good. It basically is a private trainer in app form. You can create a workout plan that fits your needs, and follow along as the app performs the exercises with you. You can also add your friends and check out your feed for motivation. 

Losing weight isn't just about looking thinner, at least for me, it's also about becoming stronger and healthier. Being a healthy adult, in my mind, means that said adult should be able to run a certain distance without dying. You never know when you're going to be chased by a crazy person (which reminds me there's a Zombie running app called Zombies, Run!, but I haven't used that yet because I think you need to be a legit runner in order to play). The C25K concept is very simple, it means Couch to (2) 5 K. That means with this program you will go from being a couch potato to being able to run 5 kilometers. A running session is broken down into intervals of walking and jogging, as time goes on the jogging and running intervals increase while you get less walking breaks until you get to the point where you're running for 5 kilometers. 

Sworkit is similar to the Nike Training Camp, it's what I used before NTC. The cool thing about this app is you pick what area of the body you want to work out and for how long (anywhere between 5 minutes to 60 minutes). There's even pilates and yoga on the app! 

Do you use any fitness apps? Any that you recommend I download?

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