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Friday, September 9, 2016

The "Aren't You on a Diet?" #20to25Challenge

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I had tried to go on a diet a couple of times before the whole #20to25Challenge. What I didn't mentioned is that I never wanted that information to be communicated to the public at the time. They were kind of like "secret" diets, because I wanted to avoid the "oh you're on a diet?" and "aren't you on a diet?" conversations every time I would have to eat in public. Let me explain. When you're a "bigger" sized human and you're spotted eating (a normal thing that everyone must do in order to survive), whatever you put in your mouth (bala ma3na) is scrutinized. You're kind of expected to either NOT eat to lose weight, or just eat lettuce in order to lose weight- regardless of whether you're actually trying to lose weight or not. It's like they believe that by just breathing oxygen, the fat will just disappear. So when you do really want to lose weight and those people become aware of your intentions, they feel a desire to comment on EVERYTHING you do. Those comments are very harmful because they trigger emotions inside that can have horrible consequences. If you're an emotional eater, it can lead to a binge session, or you can go in the other directions and you can end up starving yourself. To these nosy annoying shitheads, I'd like to say: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. I've hired a nutritionist who has created a meal plan for me, which allows me to eat that burger once in a while. So Miss Nosy Person, I can EAT THAT DAMN BURGER IF I'D LIKE TO. Why do these people feel the need to put other people down? Do you think these comments help? Do you think bullying will make me lose weight overnight? Do you have insecurities that you need to deal with, but instead decide to project them on others? What is your problem? If you feel like my diet is wrong, why don't you go back to school, earn a couple of degrees, establish a clinic, get some clients, give them meal plans, see results, and THEN come criticize my diet decisions. 

Ps. This rant was inspired by a real life occurrence.
PPs. You NEED to check out the blog "I Don't Want to Be Fat Anymore" by my friends Nahla and Ify from London, we're all on the same track and their posts CRACK ME UP!
PPPs. I didn't have THAT burger yet, but when I do. It will be damn delicious!

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  1. I used to let people make me feel bad, let their looks and comments get to me. But not anymore, and yes they should mind their own business. I don't know if it is a Lebanese thing but they are so loud, imposing and nosy. And at the end, very rude and taking "seeing me eating a burger or a merry cream from BLISS" out of context, and taking it to the next level by implying "yo aren't you on a diet?" or "should you be eating that?" or "do you know how many calories are in this one cone?". Your rant is felt by many, including me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I know you like rants but this is just pure facts and I love your way of dealing and communicating it to everyone! So scream it out loud gurl :D

    Keep it up!

    L, xo.

    Le Journal de Leen

  3. Lol your post is so accurate. People will comment on your weight and what you put in your mouth whether you are thin or not, trust me! They're just not satisfied with themselves, so they scrutinize others. It's sad really.


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