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Monday, September 26, 2016

No to Fries, Yes to Parks #20to25Challenge

chilling with my book in the park!

Something weird happened last night while I was out with friends. I said the words "no fries, more salad" to the waiter as I ordered dinner, and my heart didn't break after! It was a weird experience, but I'm super proud of myself. For a while, I would avoid a food item on the menu if it said "with fries", this meant that relatively balanced sandwiches and platters were out of the question, unless I was able to substitute said fries with grilled potatoes, veggies or a salad. Last night marked the first time that I flat out said that I don't want fries with my order. It sounds silly, but it felt good. I don't need to be shy about the fact that I don't want to put unhealthy things in my body, even if said things are delicious. I'm attempting to be more mindful about my decisions, not just when it comes to food, but just life in general. I started reading a book on the subject that is helping me out, I will share more about it when I get at least half-way through it. Until then, NO FRIES! (unless it's my cheat meal, then I'll have all the fries please). 

Look! No fries! The chicken sandwich at The Attic in Badaro. 

I also wanted to share that I decided to utilize my lunch breaks and go out of the office, at least once or twice a week if my workload allows me to. I realized that the Sin el Fil Public Garden is a 3 minute walk from my office, so the other day I grabbed my lunch and headed there with a book. It felt SO NICE to be out of the office, to sit on a bench surrounded by greenery while reading a book,  I sort of felt like I wasn't in Lebanon (apart from the annoying construction sounds obviously). This is such a normal thing to do abroad, but leaving the office to go OUTSIDE is such a weird thing in Lebanon. I don't know about you, but I always felt guilty when I would say that I'm heading out for lunch. Maybe it's because I was relatively new to the office life and didn't understand how these things worked, but I've realized that there's no need to feel guilt. As long as I'm getting the work done and respecting my break time, I can go out and stare at something that's not a screen for a bit. 

Goals achieved:
Worked out 4 times this week.
Went out for lunch.

Weight Lost:
Haven't checked this week, but around the 7/8kg mark.

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