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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Count Til Ten #20to25Challenge

[This was an update from over a week ago, but I forgot to publish!] 

Emotions are a bitch. One minute you're happy, the next it feels like the world is collapsing all around you. They're especially bitchy when you're an emotional eater because they lead you to consume things that you know you shouldn't be consuming, but you do anyway...mindlessly. I'm currently trying to educate myself about being more mindful, based on very good advice form my nutritionist. I've been reading some tips that could possibly help me out, and one of them is something that I've heard a billion times before and it's to count to ten. This tip can be applied to many situations, but it's especially helpful when dealing with a scenario where your emotions can take over. If you've ever watched that episode of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (one of my fav comedies) where she talks about taking things 10 seconds at a time, then you sort of know what I'm talking about. Breaking down a problem into smaller segments can make it easier to deal. Let's say I'm craving something that I shouldn't have, if I take a second to count to ten, I would delay the desire to consume said something. Once the first ten seconds are up, I would become more aware and "mindful" about what I'd be doing, which would in turn allow me to say no and walk away. OR, let's say I'm trying to plank at the gym (my goal is to get to a minute). I can currently plank for 20 seconds before wanting to kill myself, but I've realized that it's easier when I take it 10 seconds at a time. The technique is working (slowly but surely) because the last time I went to the gym, I got to 28 seconds before wanting to kill myself. That's an 8 second improvement! It might not seem like a long time, but heck, people break records thanks to 2 seconds!

The moral of this week(and pretty much every week up until this point) is that I'm hanging in there :)

Food highlights of the week:

1) J's Summer Salad at The J's in Hamra: I ordered the summer salad which had watermelon, melon, feta, and some greens after a long day at the beach. My friend and I did end up ordering fries to share, but I'd like to report that I didn't really have THAT many fries :P

2) Healthy Nachos (pictured above with the Caribou coffee and laptop-bottom right corner): For dinner, I usually have a labne, cheese, or turkey sandwich with veg. On this particular day, I didn't really feel like it so I decided to give things a twist. I cut up my oat bread into triangles, drizzled olive oil on top, and added some spices then placed it in the pan until it got crispy (easily done in the oven, but I'm a pan girl). Then I used the labne as a dip, and it was delicious! I should have also cut up cucumbers, but we were out...

3) Pizza party cheat meal from Tomatomatic: I'm allowed to have two cheat MEALS a week, which is very generous for "diets". Pizza is bae. I can have pizza all day errryday, and I hadn't had pizza (real pizza) in over 4 weeks. Tomatomatic is one of my favorite places to order from. I love their mushroom and swiss pizza, as well as the garlic chicken pizza and the taco pizza. YUM!

Goals for this week:

-Plank for 30 seconds without wanting to kill myself.
-Continue going to the gym 2/3 times a week.
-Read more about the subject of mindfulness.

Weight lost:
6.7 kgs

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    1. Wait What!? You haven't tried Tomatomatic?!?!?!?! you haven't lived!

    2. Honestly, I've heard so many mixed reviews that I never felt compelled to order it, although the pictures seem to portray otherwise. I promise to try it soon -- they've opened a delivery outlet in Salloumi!


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