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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Zana Bayne: S&M Meets Fashion

One of the trends going around right now is the S&M/Bondage inspired look. My favorite designer that has been introducing sexy pieces to the mainstream arena is Zana Bayne. The leather goods are made in New York and have a very heavy S&M meets punk vibe to them. Celebs like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Azalea Banks and Anja Rubik have been spotted in her pieces. I began to follow the brand on Instagram when a friend mentioned her work, and I was hooked instantly. I really love it when once in a while, a designer comes along and flips the way you perceive a certain item. Take a harness for example, it's mainly seen as something a dominatrix would wear, but what if you wore it over a plain white t-shirt? Although you wouldn't be showing more skin, it just transforms a simple look to a super sexy one. I've been obsessing over her work for a while now, specifically the harness bras. When you look at it on the mannequin, they really looks like it belongs in porn, but once you see it peeking under a's a whole other story. 

Zana Bayne, Chevron Harness

Zana Bayne, Anita Harness

Zana Bayne, Harness Bra

Zana Bayne, Clara Bra

Zana Bayne, Pentagram Bag

Since her pieces a little bit out of my budget, I've been looking at the high street for bralettes that could give the same effect to a look and these are the things I found. 

What do you think of the sexy S&M look?

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