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Monday, August 1, 2016

Not the Best Week... #20to25Challenge

Beer, Wine & Seafood Festival in Batroun

After being on a roll for three weeks, my motivation levels the past couple of days were set on "meh". On one hand I was happy to have lost almost 5 kgs and wanted to lose more, on the other hand, I was having a hard time to stay on track. My two cheat meals for the week turned into four, and my weekly swim sessions were postponed to "tomorrow", before I knew it the week was over and I felt like I hadn't made any progress. If I wasn't sharing all this in public, I feel like I would have given up and stuffed my face in yuminess, but since I feel like I have some form of a responsibility to my awesome awesome awesome readers (and myself obvious), I did not fuck up my progress too much. Yes, it wasn't the best week, but it's not the end of the world. I forced myself to go to the gym, and I started up my Cto5K running challenge and ran for 20 minutes. I made a food plan for the week and spent my Sunday grocery shopping and meal prepping. I'm allowed to not always be perky and excited about this whole thing, I'm gonna have weeks where I feel down and it's fine. I just need to clear my mind, focus on the bigger picture and make better decisions this week. 

The highlights of my week:

Mousse Au Chocolat from La Goulee

1) Chocolate cake: I caved. I was able to say no to knefe a month ago, but for some reason (I think mainly stupid PMS) I could not say no! I regret the sugar intake, but I do not regret the happiness it brought to my shitty day. 

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2) Italian night: you're all aware by now that my friends and I cook an international meal together once a week. After a successful Mexican and Indian night, we decided to go Italian this week. The pasta was whole grain, but the there was still butter involved. 

Smoked Salmon sandwich from Keif, Le Mall Sin el Fil 

3) Salmon sandwich: I tried to make a healthy decision by getting the smoked salmon sandwich while out at dinner at Keif, but I didn't notice that it came with fries. I didn't eat the whole sandwich and kept the fries intake at a minimum, but fries were consumed. Bad Aline!

4) Meal preppin Sunday: my friend who's really into meal preps shared a chicken cooking technique with me for deliciously moist chicken every time. I tried it out and it worked! Check out the technique right here

Colonel Beer in Batroun

5) Colonel Lager and ice cream: I ended my week by heading to the Batroun Seafood, Beer and Wine Festival, I was looking forward to good food and drinks but I was a bit disappointed by what was offered. I ended up having a Colonel Lager and an ice cream cone. On the bright side, we walked about the old souks of Batroun and it was really pretty. 

6) Message from Nour in the U.A.E.: a lovely reader sent me a message on Snapchat and we talked about staying motivated, although I didn't really know exactly what to say since I'm still trying to figure it out myself. It just felt good to know that I'm not alone in this.

On a side note, I have a couple of non-update like posts that are still related to the challenge which I want to share later on this week, stay tuned for that!

Goals for the week:
Keep meal prepping, no cheating
Drink more water. 

Weight Lost:
4.7 kg (no change) 

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  1. Aline!! So proud and so inspired right now!
    I like the idea of sharing this, I should do that...
    But I probably won't cause I'm very bipolar when j
    it comes to food.
    aren't we all ? 😂


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