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Friday, August 26, 2016

My ASOS Order: Online Shopping in Lebanon

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Hello, I'm Aline and I have an ASOS addiction. *hiii Aline*

For the longest time, I was terrified of venturing into the world of online shopping. First of all, I was worried that nothing would get delivered to Lebanon (or would cost a million dollars in shipping fees). Second, I knew that deep down that once I started to order online, I wouldn't be able to stop. Boy was a right! I don't know how or why I decided to place my first ASOS order, but I just remember being excited to read that they actually shipped to Lebanon AND that they offered free international shipping for orders above £20.00. I placed my first order sometime in November or December of 2015, and I remember that I received my package on the exact date that was mentioned in my order confirmation email. Since then, I've been placing monthly orders (usually around $50-$100). My last order was dispatched on August 12 and I received it 12 days later (a week before the estimated arrival time). I shared a snap of my order and several people had some questions about it, so I thought I'd write a post that could be helpful for people who are curious about placing an ASOS order and for those who want to see what I got (there's a theme inspired by my last fashion post)... 

Missguided Heart Choker
Club L body with cage detail
Boohoo Denim Shirt
ASOS Curve Jeans
ASOS body chain


Does ASOS ship to Lebanon?

Yes, and it's free standard shipping for orders over £20.00.

Do they ship everything?
There are some items that have restrictions on the countries to which they can be shipped. This is mentioned to the customer once the item is placed in the shopping cart. It's usually a problem with some beauty brands (Barry M, for example, does not ship to Lebanon even though it is stocked on ASOS, whereas Simple does ship to Lebanon).

Do you pay any fees when it is delivered?
If you place an express order, yes you have to pay fees.
For standard orders, it varies. If your order is delivered through LibanPost, you don't pay any fees (jamerik). If it is delivered via Aramex, you have to pay fees. (1/4 of my orders was delivered via Aramex and I had to pay around $30 for a £90 order). This also depends on the weight of your order, heavy orders usually come with a fee that you have to pay upon delivery.

How do I know if I have to pay fees upon delivery?
If you receive a tracking number and can track your package via, then you will have to pay a fee as this means it will be delivered via Aramex. 

Who delivers the package?
Libanpost or Aramex. Depends on the weight of the package and type of order.

How long does it take for an order to arrive from ASOS?
This varies a lot. Although my orders usually get here by 3 weeks tops, I've had (standard) orders arrive in just 6 days and I've had other orders arrive in 3 weeks. If you have a tracking number, the process is usually done faster. If you opt for express shipping, it should arrive in a week.

What if I don't get my package?
The customer service of ASOS is AMAZING. Email them and they will get back to you in 24 hours, make sure to include your order number in the email.

Can I track my order?
This has been inconsistent. I've personally never been sent a tracking code, but I've had friends who have been sent a tracking code and have been able to track the package's every move. This can also depend on the weight, size, and courier that's being used.

Update: For packages that were delivered by Aramex, I was sent a tracking code which I was able to track via

Do other websites ship to Lebanon?
Yes, I've ordered from, Zaful, and Shein. Many websites ship to Lebanon, but you have to pay for shipping. Companies like DHL even have services which provide you with a US address to ship to and then deliver the order to Lebanon for a fee. I haven't ventured into this territory yet, so I can't make any comments.

Can you return items?
Yes, you can. I haven't returned anything, so I'm not familiar with the procedure.


-Start off with accessories or items that are made of forgiving materials. ASOS stocks pieces from a variety of brands and each brand has different sizing methods. The size chart is very helpful, but just to be on the safe side go for things that can be altered or are made of forgiving materials such as jersey (at least for your first order).

-Check the size chart and measure yourself. 

-Keep your orders minimal, at least the first time.

-Order in British Pounds. Even if your card is in US dollars or Lebanese Pounds, shop from the UK store in British Pounds. There's a significant difference between the pricing. I ordered in dollars the first 2 times, only to realize that items would have been $10 cheaper if I'd ordered them in pounds. This is a tip from my friend Zoozel, who is also part of the AA (Asos Anonymous) club.

(UPDATE: check the different stores to see which conversion makes more sense. I used to order in pounds from the British store and it would be cheaper, but I've noticed that this isn't applicable to all products. Ex: I was looking at the Quay Australia After Hours Sunglasses and they were £40 on the British store, but £34.83 in the US store, once you convert to USD it goes back to £40 though. For now, I will use the US store but in BPs).

-Use coupons. Check out pages like ASOS coupons on FB and just google ASOS coupons to see if there are any valid codes that can save you some $$$.

-Don't be fooled by the outlet. Read the fine prints.

-Save items to your wishlist and make use of the seasonal sale. (Seriously, I got awesome jeans for $14!)

[I will update the post if I come across more info]

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  1. I was about to place my first ASOS order when I decided to check if anyone has written anything about it here in Lebanon. So I stumbled across your post and it was incredibly helpful (especially the currency and payment part). Thank you!

    1. Yaay! I'm glad you found it useful :D welcome to the ASOS Lebanon order club!!

  2. Hey aline, do i need to have a postcode (or a box in Libanpost) to order smthg?

    1. Nope, just an address. They understand Lebanese addresses (third tree to the right :P)

  3. hey aline, do i need to have a postcode to order? (or a box in libanpost)

    1. Nope, just an address. They understand Lebanese addresses (third tree to the right :P)

  4. My order is late for like 10 days now. I have no tracking number and I can't know what postal company they use for free shipping. Did it ever happen to you?

    1. Hey Rashel! yes, it has happened to me. Just email them with your order number and they will help you out. After a period of time if you don't get it, you get a refund.

  5. Hello Aline,
    I ordered a dress from ASOS 2 weeks ago and it was supposed to arrive yesterday. I have no tracking number as I chose the standard delivery option. Now I have no idea where my order is and I regret not choosing the express delivery.
    I emailed the ASOS customer service and they told me they can't locate the item since it doesn't have a tracking number, and that I should contact the local Post Office.
    I contacted LibanPost they said they couldn't help because there is no tracking number so now I have to go search for it in their distribution office (they have many but I suppose I should go to the nearest to the address I put).
    I don't know who's fault it is (ASOS or LibanPost) but I found it very inefficient that ASOS can't at least tell if the order has arrived to Lebanon or not.
    I personally don't recommend the free delivery option

    1. Keep waiting, it will appear. Liban Post is clueless with these things, so if you want to email anyone it should be ASOS. They give you an extra time period, if your package doesn't arrive by then then you can get a refund :)
      The free delivery option has worked with me, but it takes time, the fast shipping arrives quickly but you pay so much to receive kind doesn't make it worth while for me personally, but it's always up to you. If you need the items quick then go for it!

    2. Hello, i was wonder did you ever get your package? i was supposed to get mine exactly a week and nothing yet and i don't even have a tracking number. And the thing is I am worried because for the postal code i wrote 0000 because i never new we have a postal code for lebanon so im not sure if Liban post will understand my location and they keep on telling me we can deliver your package or know if it arrived if it doesnt have a tracking number

    3. Hello, this is exactly what happened to me? Did you ever receive your package? Liban post couldn't help me as well because there is no tracking number. and the thing is i didn't know we gave postal codes in Lebanon so i wrote 0000 will liban post understand my location?

    4. If your package is late, I suggest you email ASOS about it. LibanPost is not helpful when it comes to this. ASOS gives you another date, and if by then it's not received they either should refund you and send another package. Their customer service team is very responsive!

  6. Hi Aline, how can I know which courrier will be delivering my order? I chose the standard delivery and I have no tracking number, plus the address isn't full (there wasn't enough space to write the full address). I'm afraid I won't receive it :(

    1. If there's no tracking number, then it's most probably LibanPost. Aramex usually had a tracking number (and it's delivered faster, but you pay tax). I'm sorry for the late reply, you comment had gone to the spam section for some reason!

  7. Very helpful! Thanks :)

  8. I'm so glad I found your blog! There are so little available information on online shopping to Lebanon, which sucks. I was wondering if you've tried ordering from cultbeauty to Lebanon as well? And in general, what price (and above) usually gets delivered by Aramex in your experience? Thank you so much, I'm so excited for my first order (and to join the A.A club haha)

    1. Hello! I havent ordered anything from cultbeauty, I do most of my beauty online shopping on Feel22 or when I travel abroad. There are some beauty products that ASOS ship, but not their whole collection :(

  9. Thank you for the useful tips. I wish I read them before ordering. I ordered and the order arrived 10 days later, which is OK. they arrived by Libanpost, who left them with the concierge. the problem is to return the items which did not work. Libanpost charged 80 US dollars to return them ( they charge by weight, 3 dresses weighed 1.5 kg). I decided to keep them and not pay, there is always a possibility to arrive late to UK, and the refund might be not refused after all. again, I SAY, I WISH I READ YOUR POST BEFORE ORDERING.

    1. You're welcome!!! I've never tried to send things back, and I always keep that in mind when I order. I'm not willing to pay more than the item's worth to send it back... not worth it if you live in Lebanon. Maybe one day if our postal service ups their game :P


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