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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Meeting the Nutritionist! #20to25Challenge

Loco Beach-Batroun

Way back when I was in high school, I visited a nutritionist and lost a lot of weight, but I dreaded going to see him every week. I never felt comfortable with him and as soon as I was close to my goal, I stopped visiting him. This "bad" experience is one of the reasons I kept putting off a visit to a nutritionist. For the longest time, I felt like I wouldn't be able to find someone that I could be comfortable with and who would tell me things I didn't know already. I kept convincing myself that I could do it without professional help, but as evidence shows, that was not the case. 

As I mentioned in my post last week, I planned to see a nutritionist to help me sort things out. I wanted someone who would give me something that I could work with as I had (and have) no interest in eating only steamed vegetables all day everyday (a crazy diet recommended by a nutritionist to a friend of mine) or buying only organic gluten/dairy/fat/sugar/GMO/taste free ingredients to make weird hipster dishes. Which is why Mira Tueny from The Healthquarters was the perfect fit for me. She graciously gave me a complimentary consultation session where I was weighed and measured from head to toe and given a file with my meal plan along with stack of useful information (enemy/friend foods, alcohol calorie count, portion size of foods etc). 

Before meeting her, I was extremely nervous so I stalked the Healthquarters Instagram account and read every article I could find about her on the interwebs to get an idea about what I was getting myself into. My nervousness drifted away the second I stepped foot into the Tueny building and read the funny signs on the stairs that led up to the office. Whatever leftover insecurities I felt went away when I actually met Mira. I was weighed, measured head to toe (literally), and asked questions about my (then) current diet and lifestyle. My body got a score of 54/100, which would be considered a failing grade had I still been in school. Seeing that number didn't depress me though because I knew I was in a bad place, it actually made me happy because it was very motivating. After a discussion about my situation and the plan for the future, Mira gave me a folder with my meal plan and list of foods to avoid. She told me that it's more of a lifestyle thing than a strict diet, something that I really appreciated because I need flexibility in order to keep going. The best part is that I get to eat (a lot) AND I get TWO cheat meals a WEEK. That blew my mind (my old dietician would give me a cheat meal once every two weeks). When I left her office, I felt confidant and excited. The rest of the week was pretty smooth sailing. I made sure I knew where I was going to eat before going out in order to avoid munching on useless foods. I even went to the pub to watch the Germany versus France game and avoided alcohol! (Although that first goal by France really made me crave a beer). I saved my cheat meal for Sunday because I knew I had a road trip planned with friends to Batroun, I ended up having a McDonald's meal (something I don't eat usually even while dieting, but shit happens). I know I'm still far away from my goal weight, but I already feel more comfortable in my body... so much so that I went to the beach TWICE in one week, but that's a story for another day!

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Goals from last week:
-Meet nutritionist and set up a food plan: check!
-Hit the gym twice: I only went once :(

Goals for next weel:
-Meet new step goal (7K) steps every day.
-Hit the gym twice.
-Outdoor activity with friends.

Weight lost: 1.6 KGs

Special thanks to:

Mira Tueny at The Healthquarters

Phone: 01-425 482

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  1. Slowly but surely! Keep it up, Aline.

  2. Happy to see your progress :) Good luck Aline!

  3. You can do it Aline. Give yourself some time, stay consistent and focused on your goal!!


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