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Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Quest For the PERFECT Travel Handbag

When it comes to the list of things I like to buy, shoes are obviously on top but I also like to throw my money at Zara in exchange for pretty handbags quiet often. I've spent a ton of money to purchase a certain of number of handbags that I do not need, and honestly every time I buy a handbag I feel like "yes this is the one" but it ends up being a fling of a couple of months until I get bored... kind of like how it is when it comes to the love life but that's a story for another day. I've been on the quest to find the perfect travel bag every since I started purchasing my own clothing (so a good amount of time). I can picture all the things that this ideal handbag needs to have, I can picture the way it looks, but I haven't been able to find it in real life (at least one within my budget). This handbag needs to be spacious enough for me to carry my laptop, makeup bag, a notebook, a book, headphones, keys, wallet, my glasses, and pretty much all the other random things that like to make their way into my handbags. It also needs to have a good number of compartments so that things don't end up a mess in there. It needs to zip up completely so that nothing falls out since I'm a clumsy person (not in that "hehe I'm so clumsy" cute girl kind of way, legit Jenga towers falling all around me clumsy). The final three things I also would like: a comfortable handle which won't dig into my shoulders while carrying my life around, a zipper pocket on the outside of the bag AND it must be sturdy enough to handle my abuse. All this while still being aesthetically pleasing so that I can take a cute Instagram picture with my luggage, IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK? I've been stalking asos, Zara, Forever 21, Stradivarius, Bershka, Mango, Aldo, and *insert whatever name store* for a long time, and I still haven't been able to find what I'm looking for. I've been using my black H&M tote for the past couple of years and it has been doing the job fine, but my buddy's getting old and I'm scared that I might kill it if I over stuff it. If you have any suggestions, or if you also face the same struggle as me, do let me know!

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  1. The perfect bag is the Mary Poppin's one! LOL
    I really like your blog!


  2. I can picture the way it looks, but I haven't been able to find it in real life (at least one within my budget).

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