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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Wanted: Feather Detail Messenger Bag from Zara

Ever since I watched FleurDeForce's Get Ready With Me video featuring Alix and Suzy, I haven't managed to get Suzy's bag out of my head.. A simple leather messenger bag with a gorgeous metal feather detail on it, the best part? It's from Zara! I made a mental note that I'd keep my eyes open for it in Zara Lebanon and would get it ASAP. I was browsing through my BlogLovin feed just now  and saw a post on the Olivia Palermo blog about the blog as well, but this time in the tan color instead of the black. I think the world is reminding me that I NEED this handbag in my life! Leather Messenger bag from Zara with the feather detail, you will be mine soon! Promise. Also, most propably in black... But I couldn't find a proper picture so just use your imagination for now 🙈

Ps. I typed this post on my phone so excuse any typos. I just got a little too excited about the handbag.

What do you think of the handbag?

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