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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

REVIEW: Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Foundation

Urban Decay is probably my favorite makeup brand of all time, but I usually gravitate towards it when it comes to eye makeup. Their eye shadow palettes and eye liners are beyond amazing. For some reason though, I always went to other brands for actual face makeup. Recently though, they released several face products that tickled my fancy, like the Naked Skin Weightless Foundation. While I was in LA, I went to Sephora and decided to try it out. I sort of regret not getting the complimentary Naked Skin concealer, but that's a story for another day. Since the purchase in July, I've been wearing this foundation almost every day, because it really is a unique foundation that's amazing. Let's jump into the review shall we?

Application and Consistency:
It's a SUPER liquid foundation. You need to shake it well and be very careful when you apply it to the back of your hand because it will slip away. In terms of application, I tried it with a: buffing brush, stippling brush, traditional foundation brush, fingers and a beauty blender. I found out that if you want more coverage, you need to apply it with the traditional foundation brush and blend it our with your fingers or a beauty blender. If you want less coverage, go for a buffing brush. Either way though, you get a very natural finish that actually looks like SKIN and feels weightless. 

Light to medium coverage, you can layer it up and it won't look fake. I've gone up to three thin layers and it looked like perfect skin. The foundation sort of blurs your imperfections so everything is smooth and perfect, without looking like there's product on your face. 

Very natural finish that looks like literal "NAKED SKIN", described at "demi-matte" on the pack. It also doesn't have SPF so it's flash photography friendly. 

Lasting Power:
Pretty decent lasting power, although you do need to touch up "trouble" areas during the day... but that's pretty normal for most foundations. 

Shade range:
According to the Urban Decay website there are 18 shades. I was matched to shade 3 which ended up being a great match for my face. 

To powder or not to powder:
Powder is not necessary, unless you have super oily skin, but even if you apply powder it doesn't look cakey. 

This foundation might just become my holy grail everyday foundation, the only down side is that it's not available in Lebanon. When it runs out I need to run to Dubai or the states to get it :(
If you're someone who doesn't like foundation, you will LOVE the Naked Skin, because it really is a unique product that makes you look flawless with no fake side effects. 

Have you tried the Naked Skin Weightless Foundation by Urban Decay?

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