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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Golden Snitch and Crop Tops

In the middle of the chaotic state of Lebanon, I found the time to take outfit shots. What is wrong with me? I have no idea. This is a bit of a special outfit that I'm sharing with you for a couple of reasons, the first one being that it has a Harry Potter theme, the second reason is that it required me to get out of my comfort zone. Let's get the easy part out of the way first before we delve into my comfort zone and all the insecurities that come with that bucket of fun. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that I'm a big Potter head. I spotted this shirt while randomly walking about Macy's while in Los Angeles, I didn't even try it on, I just went through the pile, found an L and made my way to the cashier. It wasn't until I was back in Lebanon and unpacking that I finally decided to put it on, thankfully it fit. This is where the second part of the story comes in. The top fit, but it was a bit on the crop top-y side. Again, if you've been reading my blog for a while, you'd know that I do not do crop tops. I do not like my tummy area and I certainly do not like to flaunt it. I found myself in a pickle, I reallyyy wanted to prance around with an HP Golden Snitch shirt, but I couldn't bring myself to go out in PUBLIC (specifically in Lebanon) in a crop top. This is where two awesome items from Target came in to save the day: the denim vest and the awesome aztec-inspired skirt. Who knew that wearing a skirt (another thing that I try to stay away from- even though I practically live in dresses), would save the situation. I think the trick to wearing a crop top if you're on the #curvy side (OH hello instagram -_-) is to find the right length/cut that you're comfortable with, and to pair it with a high waisted bottom -whether it's a skirt, shorts, or pants. Since I'm also not comfortable with anything tight around my tummy area, I went for a relatively loose A-line skirt that balanced things out. The final addition to the outfit were my nude Sam Edelman sandals which I LOVE... and that's pretty much it folks! I have some exciting news that I'll be sharing with you soon, once things are finalized. In the mean time, I'll try my best to update this thing at least once a week :)

Top: Macy's | Vest & Skirt: Target Style | Sandals: Sam Edelman | Handbag: Zara | Sunglasses: Aldo | Nails: Essie Licorice (hands) + Pret A Surfer (feet) | Bracelets: gifts from Turkey and Greece (lol the irony) | Lipstick: Maybelline "Atomic Pink"

What's your take on crop tops? 

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  1. hahahahha I missed you and your sense of humor!! :* lovely!

  2. Looking good love. Such a fashionable way to style an HP shirt 🙆


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