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Monday, May 11, 2015

WANTED: Black Backpack

In the pic: Calvin Klein, Zara, Rag & Bone, ASOS, H&M, Forever 21, Steve Madden

Long gone are the days when I used to wear a backpack everyday to school. I couldn't wait to destroy the creation called The Backpack once I graduated because it was associated with heavy Biology and Chemistry books. We now live in a time where backpacks have become the OMG MUST HAVE accessory to carry around with you. This trend started a while back and I had been trying to ignore it as much as I could, but I think I'm caving. Now before you call me a sell out, I would like to present my case as to why I need a FASHUN backpack. My currently selection of handbags are made to be worn on one shoulder, and that one shoulder has been hurting a lot from the heavy load.. so why not make both shoulders suffer? I mean, er, distribute the weight and all that. Second, they seem very practical for travel and I still don't have the perfect travel bag- my current big H&M tote is reliable but I feel bad dumping too much crap in it. Third, maybe I won't look like little kid Aline with her beige Jansport backpack trying to carry that heavy Biology book on her back? There, I've made my case, you may judge me now. The problem now is trying to find the perfect one that's practical, pretty, chic and spacious.. that can possibly hold my laptop, making it the ultimate travel bag? 

Which one would you pick?

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