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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Eyebrows On Fleek: My Routine

One of the first comments on my blog some years ago was in regards to my eyebrows. I can't recall the exact words, but they were along the ones of "OMG love your brows, what do you do?". This was way before every beauty blogger became obsessed with eyebrows, back when Anastasia was just a celebrity eyebrow lady and not a full on makeup brand from Beverly Hills. I had always hated my eyebrows when I was younger because they were too bushy, and my mother wouldn't let me get them plucked. She said that they would fall out as I got older and that I shouldn't kick start the process in my youth. I didn't want to listen to her since she didn't have to suffer in a class full of pretty thin-browed girls who didn't have (almost) unibrows. Reading that positive comment about my eyebrows had made me so happy. Suddenly everyone wanted to have "natural" bushy eyebrows, hunting down for the perfect pencil, pomade, or gel. Since I already have pretty bushy eyebrows, I don't do THAT much to get them on fleek, but we all have some spaces that need to be filled and long strands that need to be tamed. I started to play around with products that I owned, ranging from super black eyeliners to super warm toned brown eyeshadows. After over a year of experimentation (I feel like Frankenstein by using that statement), I finally have found the products that work best for me.


I use an eyebrow comb everyday to brush through the brows. Confession: I brush my brows more than I brush my hair. This helps me create the draft of the eye brow shape, see what spots need to be filled and all that jazz. The one that I'm currently using is a fold out one from Revlon, it's very practical for travel.

I then go in with an angle brush (from any drugstore) or flat top skinny brush (Beauty Lady B130) with eyeshadow and fill those spots in. Alternating between brush and comb to make sure that the product doesn't settle in one specific part. I don't apply too much product on the front of the brow in order to avoid the red Angry Bird look.


Since my eyebrows are black, I used to think that I should use black eyeliner. Do NOT do that unless you want to look like you drew them on with a sharpie. Avoid the super dark shades, even if you brows/hair is dark, go for a cool toned grey/brown color. My favorite shades are actually eyeshadows, the first is Lancaster's D09 eyeshadow (which is not pictured because it broke and I ran out- I have mentioned it in this post though), the second is from the LORAC Pro palette and it is the shade: Cool Gray . I use light and gentle strokes to fill my brows, usually on the sides to try to get them even-ish.

The SETTING GEL/Mascara:

For about six month's now I had been using Samoa's clear mascara, and it had been alright but I knew there were better products out there. While in Armenia, I found a store called Flormar (it's kind of like a Turkish KIKO) where I went a little crazy with the makeup shopping. I knew I wanted to try a brow product, so I got the Eyebrow Fixator Mascara and I have to say that it's amazing! Once I set those brows in the morning, I know that they're going to stay perfect until I get home. The only down side is that you need to be a bit careful when you apply, make sure there isn't a lot of product on the wand. If you use too much it makes your brows a little bit crunchy, and you feel the gel when you move them around.


If I had to pick only one product for my eyebrows, it would be tweezers. I don't have a particular brand that I prefer, and since I tend to misplace them almost every week, I don't see the point in paying a lot of money for a tweezer. As long as it's sharp and let's you grip those pesky hairs well, it's good enough!


  • Follow the natural shape of your eyebrows, then add to it. 
  • Eyebrows are sisters not twins, they don't have to be perfectly alike. 
  • Find the right shade that works with your skin tone and hair color. Go for cool tones.
  • Don't wax! Who thought that this was a good idea? Seriously, don't do it!
  • Apply a bit of highlighter right on your brow bone to lift the look and bring light to your eyes. 

What products do you use for your eyebrows?

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  1. i find eyebrow brushes so endearing ! i used to use mine more frequently, but you've inspired me to get back into it :)

    1. YEAY! I sometimes get lazy and don't make the effort, but it realllly does make a big difference :)


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