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Monday, April 6, 2015

Daisy Me Rollin...

Rompers became a thing a while back, at first I didn't know how to feel about the "top attached to a bottom, looks like a dress but is in fact shorts" hybrid. My best friend became obsessed with them and kept wearing them over the summer, so the idea of the romper grew on me. With that said, I was nowhere near thinking about getting one for myself. It seemed like all the other articles of clothing that pop up, they look good on other people, but not me. While in London last April, I tried on one for the first time at Forever 21 and didn't hate the look, but I was too chicken to make the purchase. It became my "why didn't I get it" regret of that trip, every trip has one doesn't it? I kept thinking about it a few months later, how it would be fun to pair it with tights for autumn or just throw it on on a lazy summer day. I looked for one in a bunch of stores in Lebanon, but obviously nothing ever fit right or looked good. I had almost given up on my romper search when I finally found one I loved while shopping in New Look on my trip to Dubai. The first thing that I loved was the fact that it wasn't all the same print from top to bottom, there was a break down to make things a bit more flatter. The second thing that I loved was the flowiness and how easy it was to move around in it. The only down side is that it's a bit too short for my taste, so until I'm more comfortable with bare legs, I'm going to stick to wearing it with tights.

On this particular day I was feeling the 90's vibe so I decided to put on a brownish lipstick and the traditional 90's choker to complete the flashback. I don't know about you, but I've suddenly fallen in love with the 90's trend. My shoe choice also was inspired by the past, sort of. Vans have been an important part of my shoe closet since I was a punk loving wanna be skater teen in 2005, odd that I haven't really mentioned them before on the blog. This particular pair was purchased around two years ago, and have been my go to slip-ons ever since

Romper: New Look/ Cardigan: Forever 21/ Handbag: Aliexpress.com / Sneakers: Vans/ Sunglasses: Vero Moda/ Tights: No Clue/ Choker: Ants Hamra/ Lipstick: Wet n Wild "Red Wine" lip liner/ Nails: NYX "Cranberry Red"

How do you feel about the romper? Love it or hate it?

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Ps. the title ...They hatin': It's like the song, but in reference to the daisy print ... get it? HA, ok. I'll go away now. 


  1. Haha I absolutely love the title! This song is actually me and my BFF's cruising song - especially back in university. With the attitude and all lol Very cute romper. Really suits you. I think I'd totally go for that outfit, with tights and all. What I dread the most is wearing them in summer hehe Baring legs...hmm *will take into consideration*
    Have a daisy-licious day! Xx

    1. hahah it's my cruising song too! I had read the daisy joke a while back and wanted to incorporate in a title asap :D


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