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Monday, March 9, 2015

On The Go Nail Emergency Saviors

How many times have you been out, all dressed up and ready for your outing only to realize in the car or upon your arrival that the nail polish on one of your nails has decided to chip, or worse, that your actual nail has decided to chip. I know this is a very first world problem situation, but it really annoys me and sometimes ruins my mood, especially when I've taken the time to  make sure that my finger tips are polished. After trying out a bunch of methods, I've realized that I always go back to these five products to fix a little emergency. I always have at least one of them on stand by in my handbag, car or office to make sure that something as lame as a chipped nail won't get to me. 

1) Touch up with the actual nail polish:

This is a bit of a DUH suggestion, but I've noticed that a lot of people do not do this. It's a bit of a hassle if you're one to change your nail polish around very often, but having the actual color you have painted on with you is a great way to touch up and make sure no one notices the chipping. 

2) Top Coat or clear polish:

Sometimes you may notice a little peal at the corner of your nail, apply a generous dab of top coat or clear polish on that point and then go over it with a normal coat to even things out. This will prevent that little peal from completely pealing off. 

3) Glitter Nail Polish:

This was my go-to technique for saving a chipped nail a couple of years ago. I've cut back now because I'm not that into glitter nail polishes anymore, but it's probably the smoothest option because once you cover a chipped nail with a glitter polish no one can tell it was chipped in the first place. Just like the top coat option, you don't need to switch out the bottle every time. You can keep a neutral shade with you like black, gold or silver and use it to fix any emergency color situation.

4) Band-Aid:

A very dramatic option that works if it's only one nail that is chipped is a band-aid. You just cover up that bad boy and pretend it doesn't exist, it's also a good way of not picking at the chipped nail. It's really dramatic, I know, but I have done this before. It's also my go to option if the nail itself chips and not just the nail polish.

5) Nail File:

The best way to fix a chipped nail is to file it away! You can keep a small nail file in your wallet to make sure you have one with you at all times in case of an emergency. There's nothing worse than having your finger nail get caught in everything you touch!

What are your nail emergency saviors?

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  1. Really great tips! I usually add some of the same nail polish on the chipped sides until I have time to pant my nails again! :)


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