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Monday, February 9, 2015

How To Clean Makeup Brushes!

Once you start using makeup brushes to apply your makeup you can not go back. These tools transform the makeup application process and just make everything easier. The only annoying part about them though is that you need to keep them clean and give them a wash every week (or at least every other week), we don't need no germs on our faces now do we! It has become like a Sunday morning ritual for me to wash my makeup brushes so that they're clean for the up-coming week. I've tried out a couple of methods to clean them and I've come to the conclusion that you don't necessarily need splurge on expensive makeup brush cleaners, you can just use products that are already available in your home!

Ingredients: Anti-bacterial soap + Olive Oil

1) Mix two parts anti bacterial dish-washing soap (or any kind of anti-bacterial soap) to one part olive oil into a plastic plate.

2) Swirl the dirty brush in the plate to start cleaning, you can also swirl it around in your hand after you dip the brush into the plate. 

3) Repeat the process until you're done with all your brushes and your hand sort of looks like this. 

4) Rinse them out in water, make sure it's not too hot because it can damage the hairs of the brush.

5) Squeeze out all the water from the bristles.

6) Make sure that the shape of the brush is like it's supposed to be, we don't want them to lose their form.

7) Lay them flat on a wash cloth or hang them up side down is possible to make sure that the water doesn't get into the inside of the brush and destroy the glue that is holding everything together.

8) Wait until they're dry and voila! Do NOT use a hair dryer because that too will ruin the glue and in turn ruin your brush.

What method do you use to clean your brushes?

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