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Friday, January 23, 2015

WANTED: MAC "Smoked Purple"

[ image source: ThePersianBabe ]

Ever since I got my hands on MAC Heroine last year- and drove you guys crazy with my constant babbling about it- it seems that I have developed a serious addiction to purple toned lipsticks. My latest lust is MAC's "Smoked Purple" which came to my attention after ThePersianBabe and UglyFaceOfBeauty mentioned it in their videos. It's a very dark vampy shade of purple with a smidge of wine, and it's just SO FLIPPING GORGEOUS I need it in my life. It is a matte finish, just like Heroine, which is the only finish I've tried from MAC but in general is the type of finish I prefer. Barbara (from PersianBabe) mentioned that she wears the lipstick with the Vino lip liner from MAC, which is also on my list of things I want to try from MAC, so who knows maybe I'll do a two birds with one stone type of shopping spree at MAC very soon.

[image source: Selfridges]

Side note: why is MAC SO expensive in Lebanon? This lipstick retails for £15.5 in the UK (36,000 LL) and $16 in the US (24,000 LL), but it's 53,000 LL in Lebanon! That's almost twice the price of the UK and more than twice the price of the US. Not cool MAC, not flipping cool! -_-

What MAC lipstick do you want to get yours hands on?

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