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Sunday, January 25, 2015

VLOG: Forever 21 Beirut Opening & Pacman Ring!

One of my new year's resolutions was to start vlogging because I really enjoyed vlogging my Dubai trip and I like the idea of having a little video diary to keep track of all the things that I get up to. I'm not sure if a weekly vlog will be a thing, since my life is not THAT exciting, but I will be taking you guys along during weeks where fun things are happening. This week's vlog started out on Friday at the preview event for the first Forever 21 store in Lebanon. A weekend of fun activities was supposed to follow, but I had camera difficulties on Saturday which damaged the footage that I had filmed. The icing on the cake though was getting very sick and spending my Sunday in bed. Things bounced back a bit on Monday when I finally had the energy to go back to work and hang out with some friends at night at ABC Ashrafieh for some dinner and dessert. Enjoy!

How was your week?

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  1. So cute! Don't you just hate those bad hair days lol Taking a shower at night (when my 4 year old is sleeping) doesn't always allow me to dry my hair properly. So in the morning, I end up with a spectacular bad hair day lol #poofy
    Besides that, the pac man ring is super adorable! Love it.
    Drooling (in a non-gross way hehe) over BarTartine Bakery! lol ah evil yummy pastries! I miss it...
    BTW Are there any other plus size bloggers in Lebanon? *just wondering*

    1. Bad hair days are a drag!! The worst part is that my life mainly consists of bad hair days :P
      When you come to Beirut we'll go have pastries at Bar Tartine!! As for plus size bloggers, haven't heard of many in Lebanon, I'm the "biggest" person on the scene haha. But there are some international plus size Lebanese bloggers like Nadia Aboul Hosn :)

  2. I hadn't seen this!! very cool!love it!!!! :D


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