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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Winter Survival Guide

As you guys know by know, because I tell you this almost every other post, I LOVE the cold weather and the fall/winter months. The weather in Lebanon has suddenly gotten particularly freezing, especially in Beirut where it usually doesn't get THAT cold. I'm not complaining though (maybe except for the driving in the rain part); who doesn't love wearing comfy sweaters, drinking tea and snuggling up in bed to watch YouTUBE? With all those lovely things though, there is a price to pay: chapped lips, dry skin, dry hair etc. I decided to share some of the products I use to make sure that the negative aspects of the weather don't get me down.

How did people live before this marvelous product was invented? My lips never ever want to know. My go-to brand this year has been EOS, and not just because everyone and their cat has been talking about it or featuring it in their music video- yes Miley Cyrus and Hilary Duff, I is talking to you.

Hello, my name is Aline and I'm a hand cream addict. We will NOT talk about how many half-used tubes you may find if you go through my bags, we just won't. My absolute favorite is probably the Hand Food by Soap &Glory, but I also do enjoy the ones by the Body Shop & L'Occitane. For an affordable and local (Lebanese) option, I recommend you check out the new hand & body moisturizer by ON. Make sure to apply it close to your cuticles to keep them moisturized and make your manicure look pretty (priorities guys, priorities).

Four words: Body Shop Body Butter. That is all. Walk into the store, go to the body butter section, choose the scent you like, and you're welcome. Shout out to the Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radiant, this stuff is FANTASTIC and super affordable, it takes a couple of minutes to sink it but once it does your skin stays soft and moisturized all day! I'm currently enjoying my little tub of The Righteous Butter from Soap and Glory.

My favorite "pamper" product in the world is a body scrub. I've mentioned my love for body scrubs before, and how it all began with a gift set from the Body Shop a couple of years ago. This love has flourished over the years and has lead me to try several brands and their body scrubs. My all time favorite has got to be Rub Rub Rub by Lush, which is a scrub/body shower that leaves your skin feeling super duper moisturized. But since it's a bit of a pricey product, I don't repurchase it very often, I tend to stick to the more affordable Body Shop scrubs (current favorite scent is coconut). In the winter months, parts of my body get flaky from lack of moisture so I make sure to scrub scrub scrub in the shower and then moisturize right after to lock all the moisture in.

As an oily skinned gal I sometimes skip moisturizer on days when I'm short on time, but in winter it is very essential, especially if I want to wear any form of makeup on my face. A moisturized base is mandatory! I'm still in love with my Elizabeth Arden moisturizer which I mentioned in my skincare post, but the pot is almost over so I started to use the Beeswax Cold Cream by Beesline which I have enjoyed very much (it even doubles as a night time moisturizer). 

Hair care isn't really my thing. My hair sucks and I've pretty much have come to accept that fact. I'm too scared to try out new products because I fear my fine-hardly-there hair can't handle it. But in the winter months I do like to use a light serum/oil to bring a slight bit of life into my hair. I've currently been enjoying the Schwarzkopf Hair Repair Ultimate Oil Elixer Serum, I spritz it through my hair when it's damp and it does make a bit of a difference; not exactly momentarily but throughout the day my hair just looks better and shinier when I use this product. Some people say that Argon oil is awesome too, so I shall try it out too and see what all the fuss is about.

My favorite winter scents are cinnamon based, like Leaves from Bath & Body Works. I recently discovered the Bolsius Aromatic "Cinnamon"candle at TSC Signature thanks to a friend, it's not as strong as a Bath & Body Works candle but it's a very affordable alternative.

I like trying out new teas but at the end of the day I always go back to my love Earl Grey, currently enjoying the one by Dilmah.

What products help you survive through the cold winter weather??

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  1. Those are some great products! We definitely need some extra pampering during the colder months!

    Bella Pummarola


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