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Monday, January 12, 2015

Sweater Weather & Some Leather

I don't know about you, but I love dressing up in winter. Since the weather is pretty cold, you get to play around with layers and experiment with combining different textures together. In today's outfit I combined my beloved dark green sweater- which I borrowed stole from my mom a couple of years ago, with my "daring" leather leggings. I love leather, I even have a board on Pinterest dedicated to it, but it's one of those things that I've always been too scared to wear. It's not a very flattering or comfortable material to wear for a curvy girl, but I really wanted it in my wardrobe. I started to pick out pieces with small leather details here and there to get my dose of leather, but then I stumbled upon these leather leggings at Brands For Less and I just HAD to take them home. I ended up wearing them twice, and then they went to the back of the closet. I finally took them out for spin this past weekend and I thought I would take the opportunity to share it with you guys. They're very comfortable because the back of the pants are slight legging material. They also don't look so bad on me. I love the combination of the warm sweater with the cool leggings, what do you think?

Sweater: Nick & Norah // Blouse: DKNY // Pants: Brands for Less // Shoes+ Hat+ Coat: H&M// Necklace: Stradivarius// Handbag: Mango // Scarf: Random// Gloves: Canada// Lipstick: Kate Moss for Rimmel 30 

Do you like playing around with layers and textures in winter too?

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  1. That's why I love colder weather, it allows you to experiment with different layers :D

  2. Super cool look, love the layering! xx
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  3. Great look and those red lips are the perfect accessory!

    Bella Pummarola


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