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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Review: Revlon Color Stay Liquid Liner

The quest for the perfect liquid liner continues! 
Today I thought I'd  review a more "traditional" liquid liner, none of that marker stuff. Meet the Revlon Color Stay liquid liner.


Traditional, dip in little pot type. The brush doesn't have bristles, it's a sort of a foam-ish applicator.


The right amount of liquid gets on the brush and you get a very smooth application every single time!  The consistency is liquid but not runny, it's very opaque and pigmented. You can complete a whole eye without having to dip into the pot again. 


Since the brush doesn't have bristles you don't have the problem of accidentally getting them caught in the twist while closing the product, which is awesome. The line you get is a bit on the thicker side but you can get a fine line with the brush (but not too fine).  The handle of the brush is actually very comfortable and I (as a horrible eyeliner applier) don't have a hard time getting a decent application.

Staying Power: 

COLOR STAY, they mean it. That's my favorite from this whole range from Revlon, they really do mean what they say. I have applied this eyeliner at 8 am and it has stayed looking decent until 5 pm with just minimal fading. It also doesn't flake off like some liquid liners which is awesome. I don't know about you but I'd rather have a product fade off than have it flake off..


Goes on shiny but dries to be completely matte.

Conclusion: 4/5

If you're looking for a more traditional liquid liner I actually do recommend it. I picked up mine from CVS in the states but I'm pretty sure that this product is available at Revlon counters in Lebanon (which you can find at Centre Point/Maxx). 

Which liquid eyeliner do you use?

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Please note that I'm a liquid liner beginner and do not have the skills of the majestic eyeliner fairies.

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  1. I used it and I liked the result :)


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