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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

5 Apps To Edit Your Instagram Pics With!

Instagram is the photo sharing application that many of us spend countless hours scrolling through pretty pictures of friends and strangers. Ever wonder how some accounts have pictures that have effects and filters that go beyond the app’s built-in features? The secret is out and can be found in the following applications. Check out the list to see how you can spice up your Insta account and share even more visually pleasing images.

One of the most popular photography apps available on the app store is VSCO Cam. This sleekly designed app allows users to pick from a selection of filters (or “presets” as VSCO likes to call them) which includes a decent number of free ones. Users may then share their photos on the app itself or a couple of other apps (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more) and follow other users as well. This is THE app to use if you want to give your Instagram images that hint of hipster chic.

You’ve probably scrolled through Instagram and wondered how some people share photos with specific light effects on the image. Well, my lovely
readers, those people are most probably using iDarkroom which allows you to add those light leaks, grunge effects, and even frames. This app is definitely a must-try if you want to give your photos a little bit of oomph.

Phonto is the coolest (and easiest) way to add text to your Instagram images. It allows users to select from a variety of image filters (which aren’t too bad) and then go on to add text and edit the font (along with a background).

Even though most smartphones these days allow you to take a picture in a square format, we sometimes forget to change the settings or just have old pictures that don't fit Instagram's square. This is where SquareFX comes in: it resizes your picture and adds a border so that your pictures become square shaped. Simple, but very useful and effective!

What separates this photo editing app from others is the integration of layers. With most other apps, you are only allowed to pick one filter or effect, but with Studio Design you can keep layering them on top of each other to create customized outcomes.

What apps do you use to edit your Instagram pics?

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  1. vsco cam is my favorite!!
    but lately I have been only adjusting the brightness and the contrast to my photos.

  2. There are so many great photo apps. I often use VSCO Cam for cropping, and I love the brightening filters in Pic Tap Go.

  3. Ou i shall check out Pic Tap Go! I love trying out new apps :)

  4. Thank you for sharing a good software for editing, though it is already out of date, I think so. For beginners it is suitable. I currently use https://macphun.com/. A great editor, he just needs more time editing. Who likes that . I chose it.

  5. No doubt Instagram now becomes the most famous social website where people post their Hd Picture this is why they need different kinds of software to make their pictures more beautiful and attractive.


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