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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Review: Maybelline "Master Precise" Liquid Liner.

Liquid eyeliners and I are not the best of friends. My eyes are small in proportion to my round fat face so if I apply a slightly thick line on my top lid they shrink even more and make my face look even rounder. But the thing is that I luuuurvve the look of liquid eyeliner, especially when it comes to perfect wings. How I wish to be one of those girls that walk around with perfectly symmetric black wings! I've decided that I will make an effort to try to be like one of those majestic creatures. After watching a billion (OK, more like 35) winged eyeliner tutorials on YouTube and reading a ton (OK, more like 50) of reviews on liquid eyeliner, I've come to the conclusion that one must possess two things: a good eyeliner, and a steady hand. The later is achieved through lot's of practice, which takes time but is still manageable. The former though... well that's a tough one. There are SO many types of liquid eyeliner out there that promise things, but don't really deliver. I've decided that I'm going to test out as many as I can and let you know which ones are worth your money. Today we're going to talk about the Maybelline "Master Precise" Liquid liner. 


It is a felt tip liner, aka it's a marker. Drawing on your face with marker is actually quiet nice!


The tip is pretty fine, so you get to make thin lines (perfect for people with small eyes like me). The only annoying part is that tip doesn't get as much "ink" as the base. It ends up drying out a bit by the time you're finishing up with the eye look. I wish it had a button that would replenish it like those white board markers!


The tip of the brush is fine, but as I mentioned it doesn't get as much ink as the base. This isn't a problem when you first get the liner though, so you get to play around with the thickness of the line. The tip is also not too flexible but not too hard which I found to be the perfect balance to go along the lash line to create the right line shape for my eyes. 

Staying Power: 

Very impressive staying power even without setting it with a black eyeshadow. It doesn't smudge around by the end of the night, although after around 10 hours I did notice it faded in some parts... which honestly is fine with me since after 10 hours most of my makeup doesn't look too fresh.


Not too shiny, not too matte. The exact finish I look for in a liquid liner,

Conclusion: 3.5/5

It's a great felt tip liner for a beginner to work with, it's easy to use, affordable and does the job. If your winged liner game is strong though and you want to try more fancy looks... the tip drying out part might be a problem for you so I wouldn't recommend it too much..

Which liquid eyeliner do you use?

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Please note that I'm a liquid liner beginner and do not have the skills of the majestic eyeliner fairies.

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