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Friday, October 3, 2014

"No Makeup" Makeup Look With 5 Products

I sometimes post some dramatic looks on the blog, you probably think I put on that sort of makeup everyday. The truth is on most days I can't be bothered with anything; I wake up 40 minutes before work begins and rush to get ready with no time to put on paint on my face. If I have 2 minutes to spare, I go for a "no makeup makeup look". The perfect look for lazy days where I need to look alive but really don't have time or can't be bothered. All you need are the following five products for your whole face, these products can be altered based on your personal needs and preferences.

1) CC Cream (BB Cream/tinted moisturizer/light foundation) Chanel CC Cream "Beige Rose"

Something quick, easy to blend, which will fix up the major "flaws" on your face and even out your skintone. If you have crazy dark circles under your eyes and no blemishes, substitute this with concealer.

2) Bronzer , Chanel Les Beiges "N40"
I use a big powder brush to go over my whole face to give it some color and dimension. If you have particularly oily skin and don't need more color, then I'd suggest going for a tinted powder to set everything while still giving your face a "glow".

3) Mascara, Magali "4D Fantastic"

No substitutes here, mascara is probably the most important step for a quick (or any) makeup look. I've been using this mascara by the brand "Magali", it was a gift with my makeup remover. I had no expectations from it and was considering giving it away to someone, but then I gave it a try. Oh my lord, it's fantastic! It's perfect for a natural but bold look, if that make sense. It's a brand I've NEVER ever ever heard of, and it's made in Lebanon... but it's freaking awesome!

4) M.L.B.B. Lipstick (My Lips But Better), Rimmel Lasting Finish Color Rush "Drive Me Nude"

A quick lipstick that can be applied without a mirror and will give your lips just the right amount of color. I also use this lipstick as my blush, I love double duty products (will do a post about it soon!).

5) Not black eyeliner, Bobbi Brown Kajal "Storm"

Whether it's a brown or a grey eyeliner, I love just dragging it along lightly on my bottom lashes and smudging it out, it really opens up my eyes. It's not dramatic like a black eyeliner but gives your eyes natural definition.

What are the products you use for a quick everyday makeup look?

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