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Monday, October 27, 2014

Easy Peasy Spider Web Nails

To do a Halloween nail art post or not to do a Halloween nail art post, that was the question on my mind this weekend. Finally came to a conclusion this morning and decided to go ahead with drawing something simple for All Hallows' Eve since I'm going to #KillerMovieNight hosted by Anis Tabit tonight (more info) to watch Sleepy Hollow. There really was no point in doing a full on tutorial because it's freehand drawing of a spider-web... you kinda learn that in kindergarten, right? Or did I just go to a weird school that taught little kids how to draw spider webs?

What I used: Maybelline Color Show "Black Out", OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat, Nubar Base Coat, Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique "White" Nail Art Pen.

  • Started off with a base coat and one coat of black polish (go with two if your polish is not very opaque). 
  • Drew three diagonal lines across my nail using the nail art pen (you can use a fine brush or a tooth pick if you don't have a pen)
  • Then made little C's in the space between the lines to give the spider web its shape.
  • Top coat to finish things off. 


Have you picked out your Halloween Costume yet?

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