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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tutorial: Tribal Print Nails on Qanat Duniati

[ image via Duniati ]

Tribal print is most likely my current favorite print, it's fun and brings a unique vibe to an outfit. I thought it would be fun to get inspired and apply the print to my nails. The process is very simple and does not need any particular nail arty skills. There are the more complicated versions of the print, but I thought I'd go the simple route since I couldn't be bothered with the complicated one!
 he tutorial is below, and if you'd like to watch the video tutorial make sure to check out the clip on the Duniati youtube channel!

What I used:
Nubar base coat, Rimmel Salon Pro "Peppermint", H&M nail striper in "blue", Seche Vite Top coat.

Step 1: Apply base coat
Step 2: Apply base color, make sure the color is opaque and dry before moving on to the next step.
Step 3: Make an X with the striper.
Step 4: In the space left behind by the X, make a parallel almost triangle.
Step 5: Clean up the edges, apply top coat.

Hope you guys liked the design :)

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