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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tutorial: Puzzle Nails!

[ image: Duniati ]

I loved puzzles as a kid, back in the day of slow internet and board games (in actual physical board form). Thought it would be cute to bring the fun activity to ma nails with this puzzle nail art! Not  hard design to pull off, but waiting for coats to dry does take some patience...

What I used:

Seventeen base coat, Maybelline Color show "pink", China Glaze "blue me away", Seventeen yellow, Seventeen purple, Seche Vite top coat, dotting too (or a pin head).


Apply base coat to protect your nails.
Apply your first color on one half of the nail, take your second color and apply it on the other half.
Take the third color and apply on one half of the nail from the center to the tip. Take the fourth color and do the opposite in the other way. You'll be left with squares of color that should remind you of the microsoft logo.
With a dotting tool take the first color and make a dot in the third color part (its bottom), then continue the process with the other colors until you're done.
Apply top coat to protect the design and voila!

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