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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Aline Nails on Qanat Duniati!

Hey guys!

I have some news to share with you, if you follow me on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook then you might already be aware of the news. I was recently approached by Duniati (a super popular YouTUBE channel that has videos about fashion, hair, makeup, cooking, and fitness) for the possibility of having my own nail art show on the channel. I obviously said yes! I've been wanting to make my tutorials in video format so they're easier to understand, but I just didn't have the filming skills to pull it off. This seemed like a cool opportunity so I was excited to get on board. It's been a crazy week since I said yes (I make it sound like we got married don't I?). We filmed a couple of tutorials and my intro video in 2 days time. Filming is so not what I thought it would be! The first day on set was horrible, I was so nervous that I forgot how to talk (especially since I have to talk in Arabic and it's my second/third language after English and Armenian). Day two on set was slightly better, I started to get a bit more used to the idea of talking to a camera and to all the lights that blind you. My intro video was upload 2 days ago, and the amount of positive feedback is ridiculous. I'm even more excited to be on board now, but I also feel like the pressure is on! I hope I don't disappoint, but at the end of the day do keep in mind that I ain't no professional... I'm just some random awkward girl who likes to draw on her nails. 
Hope you guys tune into my show, make sure to click that subscribe button (even if you don't understand Arabic, you'll understand what's happening... plus I used a ton of English words). 

Here's my into video in case you were wondering.. 

What do you think?

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