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Thursday, August 7, 2014

5 Apps for a Fashion Fix

source: Cloud961

1. INSTAGRAM (iPhone, Android)
Yes, Instagram. Who would have thought that this app was not just made for people to share their filtered selfies and food pictures?! If you do not know what Instagram is, well— welcome, it is the 21st century, the year 2014—it is a photo and short video sharing application that lets users pick filters and #abuse #hashtags. It is also the most popular application in the fashion world. Everyone who is anyone in the industry is on it, granting you the quickest and easiest fashion fix. All you have to do is follow some popular fashion pages which vary from big fashion houses to amateur fashion bloggers.

2- PINTEREST (iPhone, Android)
The application famous for its inspiring yet hard to recreate Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects is actually a great place to get fashionably inspired. Pinterest allows you to pin images from anywhere on the internet to boards which can be categorized as you wish (Beauty board, nail inspiration board, summer-lovin' board, among others), making it the perfect way to keep your outfit inspirations organized!

3- RAG HUNTER (iPhone)
Satisfy your shopping addiction with the Rag Hunter app which lets you window shop- and actually shop- at a number of stores in Lebanon. After signing in with your Facebook or Rag Hunter account, you can browse around to see what is new on the Lebanese market or look for specific items according to price, color, location, product type, and gender. The app allows you to create a list of items that you fancy, and also offers the handy “sale alerts” service which notifies users when a certain item is on sale.

4- POSE (iPhone, Android)
“What should I wear today?” a predicament that many of us have found ourselves grappling with on more than one occasion. That question is easily answered with Pose, dubbed the “Instagram of Fashion”. It is a platform upon which users are able to share their latest fashion and beauty finds which in turn provide other users with outfit inspiration and item suggestions based on their location, weather, and type of outing.

5- POLYVORE (iPhone, Android)
Probably the most fun app on this list. Polyvore allows you to create outfits and mood boards of inspiration. Granting you access to images from countless online sources that range from online shopping site to fashion magazines, you are free to play around with these images and create collage masterpieces!

A version of this article appeared in the Fashion issue of Cloud961 magazine. Click here to download it for free (16.6 MB)

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