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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Never Wear White to a Wedding... yea right!

Summer could be synonymous with nice things like bright nail polish, ice cream or the beach, but it can also mean something icky: WEDDING SEASON. (tam tam tammmmmm)

my face looks funny, let's laugh, HAHAHAHA

Dress: Basic // Shoes: Balmain // Handbag: Chanel // Earrings: Gift // Lipstick: MAC Heroine

Wedding season is that very annoying time of the year where one gets invited to weddings of people one couldn't really give two coughs about. This season also takes place at the HOTTEST time of the year, leading to severe face melting and immense hair frizz (not a very good combination when you're forced to look all put together).  To the lovely couples getting married I say, "glad you found your future wifey/hubby..I just don't care, sorry I'm not sorry". It's only once in a blue moon that I get to go to one where I know another soul and actually like/know who's getting married. 

My mother dragged me to a wedding this past weekend and I ended up wearing white. There's a rule somewhere that says you shouldn't wear white to a wedding, right? Rules, shmules. I donned my white frock and Balmain heels and strutted wobbled to the wedding. Being the super smart blogger that I am, I forgot my camera at home and missed the opportunity of a fun photoshoot with my mother. It pains me to use phone pictures, but I have no other choice (PLEASE FORGIVE ME KIND READER!). Back to the "I was the B*tch that wore white to a wedding" point. I thought I was going to be the only one (apart from the bride) in white, but low and behold there were at least five other females dressed in white as well. Which makes me come to the conclusion that this "don't wear white to a wedding" myth is all nonsense. As long as your dress is not a full on gown that doesn't over power the bride's gown, you're good!

The best part of my outfit are these babies. Some of you might remember me showing these off when I first got them in 2011 (you may read that fun story here). I somehow haven't talked about them since, which is weird since they've become my GO TO fancy heels for all special occasions. As cheesy as this sounds, they make me feel like a princess!

Have you ever worn white to a wedding?

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  1. Lovely dress! & I agree, guests should definitely be able to wear white :D

    Style Sunrise


  2. Very pretty look! Loving you in white. I don't think I've ever worn white to a wedding, but then again I haven't been to one in ages!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

    1. Well it wasn't really intentional... i just felt like this particular dress :)
      Thank you Lauren!


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