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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Favorites 2014

Can you believe July is here!? My brain is still processing. A month of summer has already passed, but I have yet to actually start enjoying summer. I guess you can't really enjoy summer once you get a job... oh the horror, can I go back to university please? The arrival of July means one thing though: JUNE FAVORITES TME! Check out the couple of products, shows and apps that I've been enjoying in the month of June. 

Barry M "Lychee"

If I could own every nail polish by Barry M, I would honestly be the happiest not so little girl. This shade is quiet a popular shade in the blogespher and rightfully so! It's the perfect "nude" shade that makes your nails look so polished and pretty. One of my summer staples! If you can get your hands on Barry M nailpolishes, then you MUST check this shade out. I wore this shade pretty much everyday for the first half of the month.

Rimmel Salon Pro "Peppermint" Nail Polish. 

Shades of mint polishes are one of my addictions. As many bottles as I own, I will still try out new brands and shades. My favorite minty shade  for this summer has been hands down "Peppermint" by Rimmel, it's on the blue side of mint and is pretty opaque. You can definitely get away with one coat if you apply it right!

 The Bodyshop Lychee Blossom

It is decided, this is my favorite summer scent! I can't describe it properly, but it's light and sweet.

Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box 

I got this palette last summer while I was in LA, and it's gotten super messy since it's been on a couple of trips with me. It's full of bright pretty colors which I thought would be a good addition to my collection... but bright pretty colors are sometimes a bit hard to wear especially in a "professional" environment. What I'm been doing though is using the purple, green and blue shades as eyeliner on the lower lash line or gentle taking the colors through the crease if I'm going for a more smokey look. Urban Decay make my favorite eye shadows, so you should definitely check out their palettes!


[ image source ]

One of my favorite things about this game is the simple visuals, it's so clean and simple... just like the game (which gets a little annoying as you move up the levels). The instructions are simple, you have to create two lines and meet the objective of the level. The only annoying part is that it's very "candy crush" because you have to wait for new hearts whenever you loose. (I'm sure there's a way around it, but I can't be bothered).
Update: I'm stuck on level 33!

Orange is the New Black (Season 2)

[ image source ]
I was so excited that Season 2 finally came out (haha). Apart from being a kickass show, my favorite part about it is that you can OD on all the episodes in one sitting (or in a weekend). This season is a bit more intense than season one. You get to see the back stories of all the other characters which is awesome. They're such loving characters that you forget that they're prisoners, and I was always wondering "how could this nice person be a criminal?". Also, Piper is less annoying. If you haven't watched this show ever, you need to watch it now! But be warned, lot's of lesbo nudity... 

What are some of your favorites of the month? Got addicted to any new shows?

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  1. This past month I have enjoyed doing some of my favorite things, like swimming, visiting friends, learning how to use my camara a bit better. As far as beuty goes, I am lovin my Ruby Woo lipstick by Mac. I love the BodyShop and will definitely go in and check out the scent you have here.



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