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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nothing Rhymes With Orange

Couple of Fridays ago I attended the #ArielRunway fashion show at Beirut Souks in honor of their new Ariel Pods launch. My outfit was nothing fancy, but it was definitely colorful and since my lovely bloggah friend Maya (from Playing With Fashion) was there to document it all... I thought I'd share the images with you guys. 

Blazer: Target// Blouse: Dorothy Perkins//Jeans: Old Navy//Shoes: Payless//Necklace: Plastic Pills via Lebelik// Handbag: Vintage//Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Queen Bee Necklace, Plastic Pills via Lebelik 

I need to learn how to smile in pictures again. This girl is looking mean and way too serious!

I know "color blocking" isn't a "trend" this summer, but I son, I wear what I want! uhuh uhuh. It's one of the only recent "trends" that I really liked, because you actually get to have fun with your outfit and play around with the colors. That's the whole point of fashion!

Are there any trends that are no longer "in" that you still love? 
Do share!

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Some snaps from the #ArielRunway fashion show... 


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