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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wanted: Banana Print Sneakers by H&M

[ image source: H&M Twitter ]
It is no secret that I'm a huge H&M fan, the store is hands down my favorite when it comes to fast fashion... what can I say their items are fun and meet my dressing needs all at a reasonable price. Because I love H&M oh so much, I follow them on Twittaaa- the bestest social network that ever did exist. They tweeted this picture today and the banana sneakers caught my eye while browsing through my news-feed. It's an odd item of clothing, which obviously many will not like...BUUTT... I love bananas, no not like that you naughty silly rabbit. They're my favorite fruit after figs. They're bright, yellow and in your face #TWSS. Which is why I obviously need a comic printed version of them on my shoes, duh. I checked the Lebanon website and (surprise, surprise) they're currently not available there (BLASPHEMY), but fear not for I will be on the haunt for these funky kicks!

If you do spot them in stores, help a sista out and let me know :)

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