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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Forget Valentine's Day and Christmas, the most important holiday is Mother's day (in terms of gift giving) because your mama should be the most important person to you (at least top 3). She's the person who's always there for you, who only wants what's best for you... even if she gets annoying at times. I don't know about your moms, but my mom never buys anything for herself. She saw a cute bag while she was out? She won't think about getting it. A pretty top caught her eye? She'll walk away unless she really really needs it. That's why I like to get my mommy things whenever I can. Now I know that every country celebrates Mother's Day on a different day, but in Lebanon it's celebrated on March 21st so I thought I'd make a post for that day (although I'm Armenian and we celebrate it in May). This isn't really a "gift guide" or anything like that, just throwing some ideas your way. Obviously you don't have to wait until an official holiday to celebrate your mommy.

1) A pretty and functional bag: Preferable in a neutral color and leather? She will use it almost everyday and remember you. Furla, Zara 

2) A high end lipstick: Chanel is woman's best friend, especially on those special days. I like the "Rouge Allure", it's red but not too red... if that makes sense. 

3) A modern pearl necklace: Pearls are to mothers, as shoes are to me. Nuff said. Cynthia Raffoul, Pearlicious, Nada Zeineh

4) A relaxing treat: she needs to relax after having to put up with you :P (and your sibblings/family yata yata). Off the top of my head, I can think of Silkor and G spa as great options.

5) A homemade card: I don't know about your mom, but my mom loves little personalized gifts and she loves it when I make my own cards. It's not that hard, just get an A4 paper, fold it in half and pretend you're kindergarten and  go crazy with the crayons! 

6) A DAY WITH YOU: I'm talking lunch, shopping, movies, coffee, massage, nail session, ANYTHING. Because trust me, spending time with you is the best gift ever.

What will you get your mommy??

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