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Monday, February 24, 2014

Wanted: MAC Heroine & Cyber

MAC Heroine, image source 

MAC Cyber, image source

I have a sudden fascination with purple lipsticks and really dark lipsticks. I think it started when my friend Bella and I picked up the bright purple from the Maybelline Vivid summer collection. The summer fascination has gotten a winter inspiration, and I've been loving these two bold pigmented shades. Heroine the lighter shade, and is a straight up bright purple that could be worn throughout the year. Cyber on the other hand, is pretty gothy, with a plum undertone and I'm IN LOVE! I first spotted it in one of Rachel Whitehurst's videos, and I knew I just have to have it! It's borderline black in the tube, but once you put it on it's a very vampy dark plum.

Mac Heroine, image source

MAC Cyber, image source 

PS. Apparently Revlon's Va Va Violet, Kate Moss for Rimmer #4 and Wet n Wild "Vamp" are dupes for MAC Cyber // Maybelline's "Violet Intrigue", Maybelline "Brazen Berry", and Wet n Wild "Raven Raisin" are dupes for MAC Heroine? Haven't compared them myself, but it's worth looking into.

PPS. A dupe that's a Rimmel Kate Moss that I don't own? I'm shocked as well! I can never find #4, it's always sold out and never restocked.


  1. Hola,
    I have Mac's Diva and it's only nice with bronzer on rather than blush! The look comes out looking pretty cool!

    1. I've never gotten a MAC lipstick before. They're wayy too over priced in Lebanon. I shall check out Diva :)


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