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Friday, January 17, 2014

Lebelik Wishlist

Roses are Red - Plastic Pills
Luna - Pearlicious
Triangles are my Favorite shape - Plastic Pills 

I feel a new addiction coming on, it's something that I talked about many times before on my blog... how I was scared to start because it might become an addiction. Yup, I think it's happening. Guys, I'm getting addicted to online shopping. For a while now, I was great at window shopping online. Making mental notes to find similar pieces in stores, creating wishlists but never actually acting upon them. But everything changed on Friday the 13th.... TAM TAM TAMMMMM. I was at the Beirut Port District party last month where a bunch of designers and stores got together to throw the kick ass entertaining party full of fashion and food (my two favorite things). While checking out the Lebelik stand, I was given a promotional code to the e-commerce site. At first, I didn't really think too much into it. But then I checked out the site, and they have some really cool items for reasonable prices. I had some questions about a product and the Lebelik team was SUPER nice in the response. They answered every single one of my annoying questions. (Thank you Lebelik! Sorry for the iz3aj). I thought I'd share my wishlist with you guys before I make my purchase. I'm pretty sure I'm not getting ALL these items, but probably most. Ou and one of the items is going to be a gift for my mommy's birthday (HIII mommmm if you're reading this, please act surprised!)

The super lovely folks at Lebelik gave me 5 codes to share with you guys, in case you wanted to get some cool things from the site. You get $30 off a $100 purchase! Please note that they expire on January 31st...






Black Wings Black Neon Flats- BOHO
Ballerina Skull Snake Print- BOHO
Are you addicted to online shopping??

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  1. Absolutely an interesting website!

    I love jewels, especially whe they are thin and chic, so I love your three first photos!
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