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Monday, December 9, 2013

Wanted: Clear Plexiglas Clutch

[ image source: Lolita Abraham ]

The clear bag trend has been there a while and in all honestly I've hated it! Why would I want the contents of my bag to be seen by everyone while I'm walking around? The only time it made sense to be was with some beach bags.. the material would be perfect for sand/water abuse, plus you wouldn't have to dig through with wet fingers to find something. Anyways..

I originally saw Charlotte Olympia's Pandora Plexiglas clutch on Net-a-Porter and I was really digging it, then there was the Zara version from their SS 2013 collection which I loved. But I'm not one to buy clutches because my mom and aunt have a BIG selection that are years old and still in perfect condition.. but this piece, I don't know... it has tickled my fancy. The original Charlotte Olympia version is £331.91 at Net-a-porter (currently not available though), and that's just way TOO much money to spend on a plastic box! ASOS has a more wallet friendly alternative, it's so cute. You can apparently find a bunch of DIYs on the internet too.. but I don't think I'd be able to find the right tools to make it :(

I'm going to try and see if the one I saw in Zara is still hopefully available, or try and find the materials to make my own, that would be cool. The clutch would be perfect for all the Christmas Fashion events which are happening these two weeks!

[image source: ASOS
[ image source: Zara ]

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