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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Shoe Challenge #31: Dinner Party

WHAT: Black wedge boots, Ross
WHEN:  December 9th, 2013
WHERE: Le Sushi Bar, RAGMAG Staff Christmas Dinner.
WITH: Dress: Material Girl/ Tights: Calzedoania/ Necklace  + Ring : H&M / Coat: Cynthia Rowley/ Earrings: China Town Los Angeles/ Handbag: Chanel / Scarf: Handmade gift from family friend/ Headband: gift/Shoes: TJ Maxx

When I was in LA this summer, I promised myself I would only buy sensible shoes. I kept that promise for most of the trip (so proud of myself). My favorite of my "sensible" purchases is this black wedge booty which had been on my whishlist in FOREVER (blogged about a similar pair here). They were just calling my name when I stepped into the store.

This is the outfit I wore to the RAGMAG Staff Christmas dinner on Monday night. My favorite LBD paired with my latest addiction.. the Lacey Calzedonia tights, and my favorite winter booties. My mother thought my outfit was too black, so I added my fluffy red scarf that my mommy's friend made for me. It's seriously SO FLUFFAAAYYYY. At the last second, I ended up adding a headband.. here's a crappy phone collage so you may see it :)

I had a BLAST at the dinner, and not because of the wine and heavenly sashimi (although I will not deny their effects), but because of awesome company! I got to meet the WHOLE RAGMAG team, and they were hilarious and sweet... I felt like I was hanging out with long-time friends. Wish we could go out like that soon again :)

Ps. Special shout out to Fidz <3 nbsp="" p="">


  1. Look who is back with an outfit post!
    Love your makeup :D what's the lipstick?


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