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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Nails of the Week: Jolly Christmas

My lack of nail art posts will be forgiven with my super jolly Christmas 5-in-1 post, yes? Yes.
I gave you guys four choices on my Facebook page and asked which of the four looks you'd like to see me try out, most of you voted for the red and white Christmas Sweater one. After watching many videos on YouTube and three failed attempts of each Sweater design, I decided to just try out a different Christmasy design on each nail. I present to you the assorted jolly Christmas tutorial featuring: Candy Canes, Penguin, Santa, Gift, and Frosty the Snow Man!

5-in-1 TUTORIAL: >>> 

Full list of polishes used at the end of post... 

Candy Cane:

Apply a white base coat
Using a striper brush, apply the glittery red polish in diagonal stripes
Make sure to leave a white space between the red stripes.


Apply a black base coat
At (slightly) above the middle of your nail, apply a white dot and pull it down to create the belly of the penguin
Using the back of your dotting tool (or a pen) apply two dots of white above the white belly (wait to dry)
Using a smaller dotting tool, dot black dots inside the white dots to create the eyes
Using a slanted brush (or a striper brush), make an orange or gold triangle on the tip of the white belly. 
Then go on to create the legs by drawing two small lines on the bottom of the belly.


Apply a blush tone base coat
Using a big dotting tool, create the hat with a red polish near your curticle
Using the same dotting tool, create the white fluffy part of the hat right under the red and at the tip of your nail create Santa's beard.
With a smaller dotting tool, create the sideburns and white hair on the side.
With the smaller dotting tool, give Santa little black eyes and a nose.

Polka Dot Gift Wrapper:
Apply a gold base coat
With a dotting tool create the polka dots 
(Apply then in parallel diagonal lines to make things symmetric).

Frosty the Snow Man:

Apply a white base coat
Apply a thick line of black polish near your cuticle (think french manicure)
Using a large dotting tool, give frosty some eyes.
Use an orange polish (I mixed two to get the shade I want) on a striper brush to create Frosty's carrot nose
With a smaller dotting tool, dot little "stones" to create Frosty's mouth (my nail needed only 5).

Polishes Used:
  • Candy Cane: Sally Hansen (Hard As Wraps) "White Tip" + China Glaze "Ruby Pumps"
  • Penguin: Barry M (Nail Paint) "47 Black" + Sally Hansen (Hard As Wraps) "White Tip"+ China Glaze "2030"
  • Santa: Essie "Ballet Slippers" + China Glaze "Ruby Pumps" + Barry M (Nail Paint) "47 Black"
  • Polka Dot Gift: China Glaze "2030"+  China Glaze "Ruby Pumps"
  • Frosty the Snow Man: Sally Hansen (Hard As Wraps) "White Tip" + Barry M (Nail Paint) "47 Black"+ China Glaze "Pure Torture" + Seventeen "543" (last two mixed to create orange)
  • Top Coat: Seche Vite (DUHHH)

To be able to visualize things better, check out this video:


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