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Monday, December 30, 2013

Blog Resolutions

[ Cliche NY resolution quote via fashionweddingdress ]

I know, I know... it's cheesy and all that jazz. It's my blog though, and I love cheese so let's just go with it! If you've been a reader of my blog since '09 (HIII I LOVE YOU!) then you're quiet aware that I go through "blogging funks" where I either stop posting or post shitty shitty posts just for the sake of posting. My latest blogging funk has ended, and I'm feeling super duper hyper inspired so I decided to make some decisions (or resolutions whatever) for my blog for the year 2014 (side note: WHAT!? It's 2014, we're living in the future mann). 

1) Bring back Monthly Favorites. I was never consistent with my monthly favorites posts, but I do enjoy writing them and going back and reading them. 
2) Make-up tutorials. 
This is for my friends who live abroad who always insist I do their makeup but don't have a mini me in their respective countries to do their makeup for them. Time to learn how to blend blend blend. 
3) Collaborations with other bloggers.
The Lebanese fashion blogging community has had a sudden population growth, and lot's of new ladies (and some lads) have started some cool blogs. It would be fun to have some interaction between us to create more of a blogging "community". 
4) NOUCHALINE.COM, it needs to happen...people have a hearing problem .blogSPOT not .blogPOST... SHEESH
5) More personal style and getting out of my comfort zone. I HAD gotten out of my shy comfort zone, but then my blogging funk made me run back and hide in the corner... I need to get out and try new things.
6) Video surprise. Let's keep this a surprise.

Do you have any resolutions to share??

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  1. This is amazing! Can't wait for the new year and the updated blog :D
    I am going to be a copy-cat and do the same for my blog of you let me :D


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