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Friday, August 9, 2013


The Twittersphere's been buzzin' with #IvysBigReveal #TheBigReveal tweets this week hasn't it? 
Everyone and their mother wants to know how Ivy really is! 

Ivysays is one of my all time favorite Lebanese blogs, and one of the few that I still regularly read after all these years (well three, but let's go with the drama). I've always been curious about the person behind the blog, asking people left and right if they knew who she was. Two years or so ago, we were both at an event in Soursok palace, it was my first "oulala" event and I was so nervous! She tweeted at me and said that she's there too and that she liked  my outfit. Unfortunately, this was before I had any form of proper mobile internet and saw the tweet when I got home.. But for the next few days I got my Nancy Drew on and tried to figure out who she was. I think I went through a bajillion pictures from that event, and even got help from a couple of other tweeps, but alas we couldn't figure it out. Two years or so later, we finally all get to find out who Ivy really is thanks to RAGMAG and Vero Moda, who decided to out the coolest anonymous lifestyle blogger in town!

It's all going down on Tuesday August 13th at the Cherry Lounge at Le Gray hotel, and I can honestly say I'm really curious and excited to find out who she is!

In the spirit of revealing things, I have a little confession to make myself...
It's not as awesome and dramatic of a reveal like Ivy's but it has been my secret for the past couple of months. 

Get it? 

I am one of the super secret awesome account managers of the awesome @RAGMAGfashion account, which you should totally follow BTDUBS . 

I told you it's mo as dramatic as Ivy, but its a reveal nonetheless. 

Have you got something you want to reveal with the Internet world? Dooo eeet. 
*psssttt Beirutboy I'm talking to you :p*

Ps. Yes, I am guilty of tweeting myself. 
Pps. Sorry I'm it sorry. 

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