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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Shoe Challenge #30: Before I Die...

I'm BACK! In more ways than one...

Back to Lebanon, back to blogging, back to the shoe challenge (which at this rate is just me trying to show you guys all my shoes and not actually "save" them... since ya' know.. we're kinda past savin'... but that's  whole other story). So unless you've been living under a rock, aka not following me on TWITTAA and INSTAGRAM, then you prollyyyy know that I went on a wee little trip to the Czech Republic and Poland. Can I take a minute and just say OMGA IT'S SO PRETTY THERE! I WANT TO MOVE THERE!? Seriously, I loved it. Especially Poland! A country which I never thought I'd visit in my lifetime, but I'm SO glad I did. If you have a Eurotrip planned, I highly recommend adding a couple of days in the love-a-lee Poland (cities: Warsaw and Krakovi). The people are nice, the nature is beautiful, there's a lot of interesting historical sights to see, and you MUST visit the salt mine (and lick the walls... not joking, at least taste them!)
Ok *takes a deep breathe* , back to the post and the shoes.

WHAT: Mint H&M walking shoes
WHEN: July 1, 2013
WHERE: Out and about in Prague, Czech Republic
WITH: Top+Bag: H&M / Jeans: AEO / Necklace: Vintage/ Sunglasses: Karen Walker/ Lipstick: Rimmel Apocalyps in Big Bang

This was my first day out in Prague and we had a lot of walking to do, so I wore my trusty mint walking shoes from H&M. My friends and I are addicted to this shoe, between the three of us I'm pretty sure we own every variation/color of this shoe made by H&M and we will continue to buy any new ones they make. Why? Because they're SUPER affordable (less than 15$), SUPER comfy and you can wash them if they get dirty.

In Prague, there are two really cool walls you need to check out. First is the John Lennon Wall, which is where the youth would gather during times of communism and listen to the Beatles, the wall is FULL of awesome writings and graffiti. The second wall is the "Before I Die" wall, which is basically a wall where you share what you'd like to do before you die. My list was too long for me to contribute to the wall (also there was no chalk), but I'd love to read what items on your list would be :)

So what would you want to do before you die?


On a random note: I tried out a turquoise mascara here, and I was trying to get a good angle so that you guys can see the color properly. I also have a yellow mascara which I've been experimenting with. Not as hard to wear as I thought they would be. Anyways, what are you thoughts? Like em, hate em, can't see em?

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