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Thursday, June 20, 2013

New in: Black Studded Sandals.

Sandals are a staple in my summer shoe closet, and I'd been on the hunt for the perfect pair for a while. After spotting a couple of contenders at Stradivarius and Zara, I found the "chosen one" in the land of my people... bourj hammoud. Folks who dismiss shopping there are pretentious idiots, #JustSayin. There are a lot of hidden jewels in the area,I highly recommend checking it out. 
This pair actually caught my mom's eye in the window display and we went in so that I may try em on. Perfect fit, leather, and golden studs.... It was only logical that the pair came home with me. 

Store: Lyne's Shoes & Bags , Arax st. , Bourj Hammoud. 

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